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a spanish adventure (and a beautiful wedding!)

We went on our first family vacation! On June 27th, we took an overnight flight to Madrid for our friends’ wedding. Eric was a groomsman, and we had a blast at the wedding. click here to see all of our pictures from billy & ledia’s wedding and our time in spain Madrid was hot hot […]

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a quick trip to mississippi

On the 9th, I flew to Mississippi for my friend’s baby shower. I was way more interested in visiting with her than in taking photos, so I don’t have many to share. I left Boston on a 6am flight. I had to run through the airport because the security line was so long, but I […]

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judy cummings Hi April – I am just seeing these photos of yours for the first time. Bill and I are spending 3 weeks in the sunny room on the top floor of Kristen and Giff’s house. It is not quite so sunny now a days as it was when you were here not so long ago, but the room is toasty warm and very comfortable. We sort of feel as if we are in a tree house with all the windows whereby we can look out into the trees…… Most of the furniture in this room was ours, so we feel especially “at home” up in this treehouse….. Wish we could have come for the shower, but it was too close to our already planned trip to Mississippi. Happy New Year to you and Eric.

quick trip to seattle, wa

Eric and I took a mini-break on the west coast to visit Drew + Sarah in Seattle. We landed Friday around lunchtime, and we spent the afternoon exploring Pike Place Market. We’d never been to Seattle before, so it was exciting to see a new city. (But it was WAY more exciting to see Drew + […]

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We’re took yesterday off from work, and we had some fun. Do you know where we saw these peppers hanging from the ceiling? Feel free to guess in the comments. First person to get it right *might* win something. That something will probably just be glory, but it could be more. So guess away!   […]

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We went on our honeymoon in December, and we took a lot of photos. Here are the highlights! What’s the best vacation you’ve been on?

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April May we did :) thanks!

Kristen As always these pictures are spectacular! It looks like you had a great trip!

April May thanks sara :)

Sara WOW! Gorgeous photos! Looks like an amazing time!

A Weekend In The Big Apple

I had a fun-filled (and exhausting) weekend in the one and only New York City (slideshow below). I ducked out of work early on Friday to catch a train to a train to a bus to NY. My bus left at 3:30 (my friend, Brooke, was travelling with me) and we arrived outside Penn Station […]

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gramma After the slide show.
Now you know why NYC is my Emerald City.

Slide Shows

As promised, here are more photos of our San Francisco trip and my Grandparents’ 80 surprise birthday party. Most of the photos in the slide shows haven’t appeared on this blog and aren’t edited. Click here to see them on my flickr page.

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Back In Boston!

We landed in Boston on Wednesday morning, around 8:00 AM. It was cloudy, just like when we left, but it was warm. We flew all night, and I’m so proud that I actually managed to sleep for quite a bit. Have I mentioned yet that San Francisco was freezing? It was sunny for most of […]

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Presidio, Marina & Pier 39

Even though we couldn’t see Kristen on Tuesday (she had other people to see, of course), we switched our flight to the Tuesday night red-eye because it was significantly less expensive (about $400 less) than the Monday night flight. That meant we had an extra day to explore the city. I had a 2:00 pm […]

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Sara Look at all those sea lions!! I'm so jealous of your trip. I've always wanted to go to California!

Extended Stay In CA

As I mentioned earlier, we extended our stay in CA in order to spend some time with Kristen, one of my closest friends. She and her parents (Bill & Judy – we spent the afternoon with them on Thursday) were staying at her Gramma’s, across the bridge in Belvedere. I’m not the only one who […]

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Sara Looks like you had such a nice day together! Really wish I could have been there.

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