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today from the train

After a long, exhausting day, I saw this from the train. Nice, huh?

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a spanish adventure (and a beautiful wedding!)

We went on our first family vacation! On June 27th, we took an overnight flight to Madrid for our friends’ wedding. Eric was a groomsman, and we had a blast at the wedding. click here to see all of our pictures from billy & ledia’s wedding and our time in spain Madrid was hot hot […]

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lake winnipesaukee

On Saturday we went on an adventure to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. It was an ideal late-summer day filled with new friends, birthday-celebrating, swimming, and snacking. It was such a peaceful and fun-filled day. Thank goodness for weekends!

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blooming in august

Eric’s brother, Drew, was visiting from Seattle over the weekend. Both days, the temperature was in the mid-70s (I’m pretty sure that’s what people call perfect) so we spent some time on their parents’ deck, which afforded us a beautiful view of the garden (and Peter Rabbit). The mornings have been so cool lately, that […]

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our rose

Eric’s been taking great care of our roses! This one’s blooming for the second time now. He took this photo last weekend.

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ginny c Wow…. the I Am Pregnant photos were really cool and definitely proof that Wesley wasn’t purchased on the black market. Loved all the other photos too … nice introduction to your home and your quick trips!

summer outing

On Tuesday, my company had its annual summer outing. We went to Spectacle Island (one of the Harbor Islands). It was great to just relax and take a breather for a day. I work with great people, and I had a really fun day. We walked around the island, ate a delicious lunch, and lounged on the […]

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blooming in our yard

I’ve been really tired lately. Really, really tired. When I get home from work, all I want to do is sleep. But I have other things to do, like eat dinner, work on custom projects, and (most importantly) spend time in our yard. We’re totally in love with these nettles. They’re sorta crazy awesome, don’t you […]

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HBS Clambake

On Labor Day, the HBS Partners Club held a Clambake for partners and their students. These are the Partners Club committee members; they organized the big event! I’m glad they were able to enjoy themselves, because I know they worked hard to put this all together. We missed most of the appetizers, because we were […]

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Construction Project: Blue Bench

I’ve always loved this blue bench that’s on the Vineyard. But in recent years, it’s fallen into disrepair. The legs were rotting and it looked dangerous to sit in. I think everybody was a little sad to see it falling apart. While we were there, Eric decided that we should fix it! He went out […]

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docmay@gmail.com great job…i have some work you 2 can do around here!

little miss spy thanks! :)

♥Georgie♥ I think it looks fab restored!

Photo Walk With Sara

On Saturday night I went to Norwood to see Sara. We talked and talked, and it was so much fun to catch up. Also, Sara’s 21 weeks pregnant and I got to feel the baby kick; it was ridiculously exciting! I spent the night in Norwood so that we could get up Sunday morning and […]

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little miss spy Georgie, have fun visiting Sara – she's great :)

♥Georgie♥ lovely photos off to visit sara now

little miss spy I wish you could have been there too! Miss you :)

Kristen Awww you two are so sweet. I wish I could have been there too! You both took beautiful pictures. It's nice to see you both so happy :) Love you guys!

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