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We went to NYC for the National Stationery Show and when we came home, we found our irises in full bloom. I love that our yard welcomes us home in such a pretty way.

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Spring happens so quickly. I petals are falling from trees and blanketing lawns even though the flowers have only just bloomed. I haven’t even had a minute to take the good camera out into the yard to photograph our pretty flowers! I’ve been snapping away with my camera, though. It’s such a beautiful time of […]

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a splash of yellow

Eric’s parents visited last night, and his mom brought these gorgeous daffodils. I’d been eyeing them at the store, so it was a sweet and happy surprise to have some of our own. They make our kitchen feel even brighter. It’s really starting to feel like spring around here!

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Spring Is Happening Right Outside

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR! (Caps completely necessary.) It’s just so unbelievably gorgeous out. Crisp air, flowering trees, grass that’s turning green. Everything’s just coming alive, and I find it quite exhilarating. I’m so busy preparing for the National Stationery Show next month that I’m not spending as much time outdoors as I’d like, but […]

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Government Center In The Morning

Hey you guys, it’s spring! And since the time change on the 13th, my mornings have looked a little different. The sun’s not as high in the sky, and I have to find a new sunny spot while waiting for the bus. I love these little changes; every morning’s got a little surprise waiting for […]

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Boston In The Springtime

As I mentioned Monday, Eric and I spent Saturday wandering around Boston. We started at the Public Garden. Then we spent some time in Beacon Hill, and visited Boston’s most photographed street (at least that’s what I’ve been told). By that time I was getting hungry, so we walked to Newbury Street to look for […]

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little miss spy Thanks!

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Seriously, how cute are these pigtails? We saw this little girl on Saturday afternoon in the Public Garden. It was a beautiful day for swan boat rides, picnics, and playing in the grass. Families in the park make me smile. I took close to 300 pictures while we wandered around the city, so I’ll certainly […]

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Minot Rose Garden

Eric and I have this 3 mile walk that we like to do. The best part is that there’s a fantastic public rose garden right around the halfway point. We’ve been walking past it and inspecting the rose bushes for a few weeks now, in anticipation. Obviously we were in luck this past weekend! There […]

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gramma Happy to see that you stop to smell the roses. I wish more people did the same. Their lives would be better for it.

On Campus

On Friday I spent the day at HBS, and it was awesome. In the morning I drove to school with Eric and I participated in a panel for incoming partners (accepted students’ significant others). Five of us talked about our different experiences job hunting, offered advice, and talked about the amazing resources HBS has to […]

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gramma Wonderful shot,texture and perspective and I wish I could walk through the arch and down the path.

Spring Smells So Wonderful

Last week I saw the first lilacs starting to bloom around our neighborhood. I can’t pass by one of these bushes without stopping to enjoy their delicious scent. It’s nice, you know, stopping to smell the flowers. It’s easy to rush through the day going from one activity to the next, but it’s important to […]

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