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party decorations

Last week, Wes and I were in Western MA visiting my parents. We helped my mom make decorations for a surprise party for her sister. The decorations were actually the ones we used at our wedding ceremony! To freshen them up and make them look a little more birthday and a lot less wedding, we […]

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Cloudy In Newport

Last weekend I was in Newport, RI for my college roommate’s bachelorette getaway. It was a fun time. As always, Newport was gorgeous, even though some clouds did sneak in on us. See more pictures from the weekend right here.

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Newport Ball

Friday was the Newport Ball, the second HBS formal we’ve attended. Eric got all suited up in his tux, and I wore a black satin cocktail dress. Dressing up is so much fun. There were good things and bad things about the ball, so I’ve made two lists: Cons: I was freezing for hours. It […]

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gramma Love the photos, espcially those of you and Eric. Looks like an exciting weekend.

dad hello beautiful

you and eric look great, and it sounds like a wonderful time was had…

love the newport photos…

love dad

Eric’s Birthday Cake

Saturday was Eric’s birthday, so I made a cake for him. We decided on a brownie mosaic cheesecake; there were 4 parts to it. First I made the brownies (I used this recipe), then the crust (Eric crushed the teddy grahams), then the cheesecake filling, and lastly the ganache topping. We don’t have an electric […]

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beebabz i think that is the cutest cooking pic since gramma stirring the soup, thanks for the photo (and happy bday to eric)!

little miss spy a ganache is like a chocolate icing or glaze. it's sort of thick (mine didn't have enough time to cool properly so it's runny/melty) and sometimes it's used a filling. it's often used in chocolate cakes.

docmay what's a ganache?
love the mixing photo..excellent baking ergonomics! who knew?

♥Georgie♥ Happy BDay to Eric…looks like lotsa fun and that looks delish!!!!

little miss spy I had a really time mixing the cream cheese and needed as much leverage as possible. :)

gramma Incidentally, Happy Birthday to Ericc

gramma First of all I love the picture. You look as if you were about to climb into the bowl. What derring do to attempt so complicated a
cake. I would would have quit with the brownies.
But a cake with ganache is a cake with panache.

Hello 2010

Hello! I’ve been absent for a few days, but I’m back in business now! I was pretty busy last week and over the long weekend I upgraded to Windows 7 and did a clean install, which means I had to reinstall all of my programs. I also had to move all of my files to […]

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little miss spy i don't remember how old i was the first time we went. maybe 12 or 13. i remember it being 100% magical and that's why i love going. it's one of my favorite things to do.

docmay hello beautiful

looks like a great NYEve

remember the first night we did in boston? how long ago was that…how old were you?

love dad

2009 HBS Holidazzle

Friday night was the 2009 HBS Holidazzle. It was a black tie (optional) gala for all of the current HBS students and their partners. We had to be ready by 5:15 in order to catch the bus from HBS to the hotel. I was mildly surprised to discover that we’d be riding on a school […]

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BMay ah, so lovely

little miss spy thanks, gramma!

gramma You look gorgeous and Eric-sooooo
handsome. What a "peach of a pair"

little miss spy em, i'm coming home the 20th – can't wait to see youuuuuuu! xoxo

Emily april, you and eric looked fabulous! everyone else looked good too!! also i am super excited to see you soon! when do you come home?

little miss spy thanks, jennifer!

jenniferhill0718 LOVE the dress!! you look gorgeous!!

little miss spy thank you! :)

Sara *that's supposed to say "you looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL!" oops!

Sara That is such a GREAT photo of you and Eric! You should definitely frame it. And I already told you, but you absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

An Afternoon In Greenfield, MA

When we left Plymouth, VT on Sunday, we headed to Greenfield, MA. From there, Eric headed back to Boston and I spent the afternoon in Greenfield, MA with my dad. We walked around the town and had bite at The People’s Pint (which was awesome; I highly recommend this place). I had a homemade raspberry-lime […]

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gramma How can anyone notlike chocolate cupcakes?
I was tempted to lick the computer screen.

Slide Shows

As promised, here are more photos of our San Francisco trip and my Grandparents’ 80 surprise birthday party. Most of the photos in the slide shows haven’t appeared on this blog and aren’t edited. Click here to see them on my flickr page.

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A NJ Surprise Party

My grandparents (on my mom’s side) turn 80 this summer. Their 5 kids threw a surprise part for them this past Saturday, and quite a few people showed up! The party was in New Jersey, so Eric and I drove down Friday morning. We arrived at my other gramma’s house around 2:30, and spent some […]

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gramma A Fun Party-and I was there!!

little miss spy i wish you were there too. i spent quite a bit of time on that picture mosaic. i did it in photoshop. first i cropped every single picture to be the same size square, then i put them in a new document and spaced them all evenly. it took longer than i thought it would, but mostly because of the cropping and i was enhancing the pictures as i went.

Emily lovely post april! wish i could've been there! but i have a question how do you get your pictures like that? i mean one picture with a bunch of smaller ones in it? well miss you and hope to see you sooner than later!

Looooong Weekend

I was detatched from technology for a few days, and it felt good. Remember the soggy month of June? I have no idea what it was like in Boston or the rest of the world for the past 5 days, but we saw nothing but absolutely and unbelievably perfect weather for five days. Five days! […]

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gramma Just a dreamy vacation for two wonderful people.

dad i love the root beer floats!

little miss spy thanks! it was wonderful :)

♥georgie♥ wow what an amazing vacation!!! I am so envious and the pics are wonderful

The Schwarz Sorry buddy. No self-portraits this trip, but we'll put that on our itinerary for our trip out west.

The Drew Where are the pictures of all the beautiful people who go to the island? (aka self portraits…)

Sara Sounds awesome and looks BEAUTIFUL! Glad you guys had such a nice time!

b l o g r o l l