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a vineyard weekend

Over the weekend, we went to the Vineyard with some friends from HBS. It rained Saturday morning, but other than that the weather was perfect. We went on the boat, ate lots of yummy food, lounged in the sun and in the shade, and we even saw a double rainbow (more pictures here)! We didn’t […]

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sunday’s sunrise

On Sunday, I was up with the sun. When we’re on the Vineyard, I’m often up quite early. It’s just too pretty to sleep. Before the world wakes up, there are only waves crashing on the beach. But as the sun gets higher in the sky, the birds start tweeting. After that, boats and cars […]

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Sunset at Vineyard Haven Yacht Club

I took this picture in July. It was a perfect evening, and I watched as the sky turned from daytime blue to pink to deep blue. I’ll be visiting the Vineyard again soon, but not this weekend. Even though I wish I was there, I’m looking forward to a weekend full of apple picking and […]

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babzy oh this is so beautiful-i'm glad you posted it

Spring Break {Part 2}

Saturday we went for a short hike in the woods. The great thing about hikes on the Vineyard is that the goal is always a beautiful beach. As we approached the sand we saw a few rock sculptures. This one really seemed to defy gravity. After spending some time exploring the water’s edge, we continued […]

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St Patrick’s Day Celebration In Newport, RI

Saturday, Eric and I made our way (in a downpour) to Newport, RI. Our friends invited us to watch a St Patrick’s Day parade and hang out for the day. The rain was coming down harder the closer we got, so we weren’t sure if they’d even have the parade. But it was a rain […]

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Sara I so <3 Newport! These pictures make me smile :)

Waking Up In Newport, RI

Friday night we went to Newport, RI to visit friends from college. It was great! They cooked a delicious meal for us, we lit the menorah for the first night of Hanukkah, and we talked and laughed late into the night. We brought pajamas and pillows and camped out on the surprisingly comfortable fold-out couch. […]

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Sara I <3 Newport!! Your 2nd photo is beautiful!

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