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an afternoon at natural bridge

When we were in North Adams for Max’s graduation, we spent an afternoon at Natural Bridge. Eric had the camera that day, and here are some of the pictures he took (including two of me). It’s not easy to get a good photo of Z (he’s so wiggly), but he’s looking so very handsome here!

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congratulations, max!

On June 7th, my brother graduated from high school. Eric and I went to celebrate with my family, and it was so cool to watch Max walk across the stage and get his diploma. Congratulations, Max! We’re so proud of you. xoxo

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Oh Hello!

I’ve been neglecting this little blog for far too long. I can’t make any promises, but I’d like to make it back here more frequently. I miss it, and I haven’t been dedicating nearly enough time to my photography hobby of late! But today I do have something to share. I was in my hometown […]

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little miss spy loving the encouragement :)

mindyourbeesandtrees.com Glad to see a post here! Trust me….I know how hard it is to keep up with blogs and I have no idea how you find time to do it all! You are amazing my dear :) Love seeing Sara and Audrey too! I can't wait to see them in real life next month when I'm in town :)

little miss spy ditto

Sara my gorgeous little peanut! loved seeing you <3

The Big Room

When we were at MoCA, we also saw the new exhibit in what I like to call “the big room.” I love that room. I don’t like the exhibit, but the room takes my breath away every time – no matter what’s on display. Pretty cool, huh? It’s just enormous.

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gramma I've always found MassMoca exciting. I'm looking forward to my next visit with great expectations on 3/19/11

Sol LeWitt Exhibit at MASS MoCA

Last weekend, we checked out the Sol LeWitt exhibit at MASS MoCA. We saw it when the exhibit was first installed, but we wanted to take another peek. It was just as impressive the second time. 

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I really like this picture of Eric + Max. I took it when we visited North Adams at the beginning of October. Max was teaching Eric how to play one of his new games. Looks like fun, doesn’t it? *Today’s inspiration post is about Greek Mythology, if you’re interested!

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gramma Interesting lighting. I like the picture too.

Inside MASS MoCA, Looking Out

Last Thursday I delivered some ELM cards to MASS MoCA (read about that story right here!). While I was there, I spent some time in the museum. I took this picture from the third floor. Look at how beautiful my hometown is! Mountains, gold, and steeples in the background, and a fiery red maple right up close. I […]

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Kristen Can I have a copy of this picture? I would love to frame it. It is an excellent portrait of North Adams. So talented my dear :)

DHS Marching Band

On October 3rd, Max was in the North Adams Fall Foliage parade. It was a perfect day for a parade: sunny and warm! The leaves had even started turning (just barely), which is always a little iffy since it’s so early in the season. Max looked great in his uniform, and even gave me a […]

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gramma What a handsome lad is Max!!!!!

Mount Greylock

On the 2nd, while we were in North Adams, we drove to the top of Mount Greylock with my sister and brother. It was Eric’s first time to the top, and it was the most gorgeous day for the trip! Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts, and there’s a beautiful view from the […]

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gramma What a beautiful family, have I

Emily heck yes for disney jump!

Farmer’s Market

The dog parade setup was in the same parking lot as the weekly Farmer’s Market, so my mom and I scoped it out and picked up my parents’ CSA.  The colors of fall are so pretty – even in the food! And aren’t those teeny tiny potatoes hilarious? 

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