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party decorations

Last week, Wes and I were in Western MA visiting my parents. We helped my mom make decorations for a surprise party for her sister. The decorations were actually the ones we used at our wedding ceremony! To freshen them up and make them look a little more birthday and a lot less wedding, we […]

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so, this big thing happened

You may or may not know that I was pregnant for the past 9 months or so. We kept it pretty quiet online, but now that our baby boy has arrived we’re ready to share the news! Wesley Arthur arrived on January 9, 2013 (1 week and 1 day ago), and he’s perfect. We didn’t […]

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Andrea He’s PERFECT!!! I can’t wait to meet him and snuggle his adorable little self!!! :)

Happy Birthday, Eric!

I’ve organized a birthday party for Eric every year since 2008, and last night was the 5th annual get-together. For the happy occasion, I made a really fun cake*. I need to work on my cake writing skills. Writing with frosting is HARD. But even with the messy handwriting, it came out really well! Everybody seemed […]

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Cupcake Stickers

This week, I mailed a few birthday surprises. Lately, I’ve been terrible about birthdays (as in failing to get gifts for the people I love), but this reminded me how awesome they are. It’s fun to choose a prize and it’s also exciting to find that a gift is well-received. I included teeny notes with the […]

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Ninety Two Years Old

Yesterday Eric’s grandfather turned 92! That’s pretty cool, huh? We joined him, his older sister, along with Eric’s aunt and cousin for dinner last night to celebrate. We ate at Blue Canoe, and Eric’s other cousin was our waitress, which was extra special. We were seated outdoors, and it was a gorgeous night for a birthday […]

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lisatheisa Happy Birthday toooo youuu Eric's grandpa! So glad you had a chance to spend time together for a wonderful celebration, many more to come :)

gramma Happy Birthday, Eric's grandpa.
Long ago, my father said that each day over the age of 70 is a gift. So, may you be gifted with many more happy days.

Second Blog Birthday

Happy birthday to us! We started this blog TWO years ago! I made a little video of some of my favorite photos and memories that we’ve blogged since last August. Thank you all for keeping us company here on Objects of Communication! You’re the best! :) [Related: First Blog Birthday]

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Kristen Love all the pictures, love the song, and most of all….love you guys! Happy Blog Birthday :)

Birthday Party From Afar

Most of the time, it’s easy to forget that I live in a city. Our tiny road has several small apartment complexes and the surrounding streets are filled with similar buildings and a good number of multi-family homes. It’s quiet around here, and that’s pretty great. But we don’t have a yard, or even any […]

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Surprise Balls

My brother’s birthday was May 31, and my sister’s is tomorrow. A few days before Max’s birthday I learned about Gina Namkung’s surprise balls on Poppytalk. Inside layer upon layer of crepe paper there are little prizes and trinkets that fall out as you unravel the ball. They’re so amazing! My absolute favorite thing about […]

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gramma April, enterprising and patient to create a wonderful gift.
I'm so happy you are you.

Remembering A Birthday

Birthdays are for celebrating and today would have been Tom’s 29th, so I lit a candle for him when I woke up. If you knew him, I hope you stop and make a birthday wish on his behalf. Even if you didn’t, go ahead and wish for something; it’ll be fun! Maybe go eat some […]

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When I have a bouquet I want it to last as loooooooong as possible. Some flowers die more quickly than others, and I don’t want them to make everybody else look sad. As time passes I deconstruct it to make new, fresh arrangements. I’m sure many of you do this, too. I think it’s pretty […]

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