behind the 3 month photo shoot

Yesterday was Wes’ 3 month birthday, and on the 9th of each month we take a picture of him on the same patchwork blanket so we can document how he’s changed. As Eric was clicking away last night, I couldn’t resist a behind-the-scenes shot.

3 month photo shoot

I just love the way Wes is looking up at him (or the disco ball — it’s hard to tell). These guys, they make me smile.

a splash of yellow

Eric’s parents visited last night, and his mom brought these gorgeous daffodils.


I’d been eyeing them at the store, so it was a sweet and happy surprise to have some of our own. They make our kitchen feel even brighter. It’s really starting to feel like spring around here!

neighborhood snowmen

Since it snowed again yesterday, these photos seemed relevant.


I took them after our last snowstorm, while we were out on a family walk exploring our neighborhood. On the left, we have the giant-est snowman I’ve ever seen in person. On the right, a very lean-y one.

Today’s the first day of SPRING, so don’t let the snow get you down. Warmer weather’s coming. Go make a funny snowman before it’s too late!

more juice!

I made some more juice today.


2 green apples
a wedge of  cabbage (slightly less than a 1/4)
enough baby carrots to equal 2 large carrots
a thumb-sized piece of ginger
2 handfuls of baby kale
juice of 1/4 lemon

I juiced everything in the order listed into a mason jar. Then I took a photo because it’s so cool how the different juices make layers. Then I shook it up so it would be ready to drink.*

 Recipe adapted from William Sonoma

*Full disclosure: I haven’t tried it yet! I’m waiting for Eric to get home. :)

UPDATE: I wasn’t a big fan of this recipe. Eric didn’t mind it, so he drink most of it.

strong man

Look! I’m flying!

Wes is so strong. xo

i bought a juicer


1 apple
2 beets
3 carrots
1 inch piece of ginger
a handful of kale

I threw it all in the juicer in the order listed, stirred, and enjoyed!

sunny days

We’ve had some delightfully sunny days. The sun shines down and bounces of the snow-covered ground making everything bright and light.

sunny days

We’re loving it because it also means it’s been fairly warm so we’ve been doing quite a bit of walking. It’s good to get outside.

we got some snow

Yep. We got some snow. And we’re loving it!

feb 9, 2013

We’re lucky and we didn’t lose power. Plus, we have a lovely neighbor who came over with a snow blower and helped Eric clear our driveway. Today was absolutely gorgeous, and we went for a little walk, and Eric did some more shoveling (Wes and I hung out with him to provide moral support).

It’s a good thing this door opens in, otherwise getting out would have been a little more challenging.

9 weeks – 41 weeks

I didn’t announce my pregnancy online, so it may have come as a shock when I did announce that I had a baby. But I was really and truly pregnant for 40 weeks and 3-ish days. Here’s the proof.

We took photos every Sunday, starting at 9 weeks. That was also our first weekend in our house! So, you can see some of the results of the move in the video.


On Tuesday, we had some visitors. It was great to see my friends and introduce them Wesley.

Audrey’s 2, and she moves a lot faster and talks a lot louder than anybody else he’s met so far. Wes didn’t really know what to make of it all, as you can tell by the expression on his face in this picture. It was pretty darn cute. Plus, look how happy Sara + Marcel are! Ahh, so sweet.

b l o g r o l l