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party decorations

Last week, Wes and I were in Western MA visiting my parents. We helped my mom make decorations for a surprise party for her sister. The decorations were actually the ones we used at our wedding ceremony! To freshen them up and make them look a little more birthday and a lot less wedding, we […]

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I can’t believe I didn’t share our jack-o-lanterns yet! We had so much fun making these for Halloween, but I guess I just never got around to posting the pictures. Mine’s the polka dot pumpkin, and Eric made Jack Skellington.

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pepper grass green

We are painting our kitchen pepper grass green. Here’s an in-progress photo. (By we, I totally mean Eric.) We’re almost done with this color now, and it really looks awesome. Next step: cabinet doors. They’ll be a paler, more yellow-y green. I’m so excited. Yay for colors! After years and years of living in dirty-looking-white […]

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Sara this is the exact color i imagined when you were describing it and it looks great! perfect for a kitchen!


A few weeks ago I took a calligraphy class at Lettering by Liz with a few of the girls from work. It was really fun, and I’ve spent a little time practicing (not enough). Here’s something I wrote the other day. I want to try using a smaller nib. My friend said she finds it easier to […]

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what happened to may?

May was a blur. We spent the beginning of the month working like crazy to finish prepping for the National Stationery Show. The weekend leading up to the show we squeezed in a fair amount of family time and attended Eric’s brother’s college graduation. Then we went to New York to set up and exhibit […]

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Surprise Balls

My brother’s birthday was May 31, and my sister’s is tomorrow. A few days before Max’s birthday I learned about Gina Namkung’s surprise balls on Poppytalk. Inside layer upon layer of crepe paper there are little prizes and trinkets that fall out as you unravel the ball. They’re so amazing! My absolute favorite thing about […]

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gramma April, enterprising and patient to create a wonderful gift.
I'm so happy you are you.

At The Flower Shop

On Saturday I went to a few florists with my friend, because I’m helping with the floral arrangements at her wedding reception on Friday. One shop we visited had the most beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, the owner was rude and less than helpful. We ended up getting everything we needed elsewhere, and it was a much […]

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gramma Crabby shopkeeper of a flower shop? I'm surprised her flowers don't wither and die.

Lots Of Hearts

My computer troubles aren’t over, but instead of letting it get to me I worked on a project. While I was uninstalling and reinstalling and downloading tons of things, I cut out tiny hearts. Lots and lots of tiny hearts. After gluing them onto some paper, I framed them. Now I just need to figure […]

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Jessica Nichols The framed hearts + your positive attitude was great enough but the sweet comments from your family are over the top! What a darling project. Love the bigger pics.

beebabz i heart the hearts

gramma Amongst all those lovely hearts I know one must be mine because you've taken my heart from day one.

little miss spy if i have time, i'll make one for you before the next time i come home :)

docmay hello beautiful

i love the hearts. next time you have a computer problem (hopefully, never again)…if you have the time make, and frame, me a set of hearts..they would make be happy as well.

i love your take on life.

Journal Of Drawings

Recently, I’ve been really inspired by Melissa Morris’s 160 Pages (I actually wrote about it on the Everything Little Miss blog yesterday). I even started my own little journal of drawings for 2010. They’re just quick sketches and short comments, but I like how it’s going. I started on the 14th, and I’ve already done […]

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Teeny Tiny Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday I made the most adorable little gingerbread houses. But these are not your ordinary houses, these little guys sit on the edge of your mug of hot chocolate, just to make it super special. My mom found the tutorial over at Not Martha, and she wanted to give them as gifts. Since my mom […]

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docmay i love that you have mom's creativity, motivation and drive to pull off such cool projects.

great going!

gramma Oh, what delicious morsels these be. Would that I could have one.

Sara They're adorable!

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