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a spanish adventure (and a beautiful wedding!)

We went on our first family vacation! On June 27th, we took an overnight flight to Madrid for our friends’ wedding. Eric was a groomsman, and we had a blast at the wedding. click here to see all of our pictures from billy & ledia’s wedding and our time in spain Madrid was hot hot […]

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My dear friend, Viola, passed away the week before last. It was after the Marathon Bombing, but before the manhunt in Watertown. That was a tough week on many levels, and the news hit me hard. I can’t really believe it’s already been a few weeks; when you hear news like this it seems like […]

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On Tuesday, we had some visitors. It was great to see my friends and introduce them Wesley. Audrey’s 2, and she moves a lot faster and talks a lot louder than anybody else he’s met so far. Wes didn’t really know what to make of it all, as you can tell by the expression on his […]

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Sara Awwwwwww! I love this picture! Audrey is such a ham and Wesley is such a good sport! <3

so, this big thing happened

You may or may not know that I was pregnant for the past 9 months or so. We kept it pretty quiet online, but now that our baby boy has arrived we’re ready to share the news! Wesley Arthur arrived on January 9, 2013 (1 week and 1 day ago), and he’s perfect. We didn’t […]

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Andrea He’s PERFECT!!! I can’t wait to meet him and snuggle his adorable little self!!! :)

thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving is a big deal in my family. Everybody makes an effort to get together, and it ends up being sort of like an annual family reunion. I’m thankful for family.

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quick trip to seattle, wa

Eric and I took a mini-break on the west coast to visit Drew + Sarah in Seattle. We landed Friday around lunchtime, and we spent the afternoon exploring Pike Place Market. We’d never been to Seattle before, so it was exciting to see a new city. (But it was WAY more exciting to see Drew + […]

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an afternoon at natural bridge

When we were in North Adams for Max’s graduation, we spent an afternoon at Natural Bridge. Eric had the camera that day, and here are some of the pictures he took (including two of me). It’s not easy to get a good photo of Z (he’s so wiggly), but he’s looking so very handsome here!

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congratulations, max!

On June 7th, my brother graduated from high school. Eric and I went to celebrate with my family, and it was so cool to watch Max walk across the stage and get his diploma. Congratulations, Max! We’re so proud of you. xoxo

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umass amherst commencement 2012

On May 11, 2012, my brother-in-law, Will, graduated from UMass Amherst. It was the weekend before the Stationery Show, and it was good that I was able to slow down for a little bit and enjoy the celebrations and family time. It was a beautiful day for the ceremonies, and it was such a pleasure […]

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last week was rainy

It rained a lot last week and the city was looking very mysterious with the clouds pressing in on it. I took this from the Charlestown Bridge.

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