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We went to NYC for the National Stationery Show and when we came home, we found our irises in full bloom. I love that our yard welcomes us home in such a pretty way.

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sunny days

We’ve had some delightfully sunny days. The sun shines down and bounces of the snow-covered ground making everything bright and light. We’re loving it because it also means it’s been fairly warm so we’ve been doing quite a bit of walking. It’s good to get outside.

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9 weeks – 41 weeks

I didn’t announce my pregnancy online, so it may have come as a shock when I did announce that I had a baby. But I was really and truly pregnant for 40 weeks and 3-ish days. Here’s the proof. We took photos every Sunday, starting at 9 weeks. That was also our first weekend in […]

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Lara Gonzalez Oh my goodness thanks for sharing – this is so sweet, beautiful, awesome, creative, fun and joyful. This trio is unstoppable woohoo!! LOVE YOU XO

Kristen Love love love!! You look adorable of course. Maybe someday I’ll do this with my pregnancy pictures ;). I’m dying to meet that little guy!

alyce kaprow I just LOVE THIS!!!
can’t wait to see you all, cuz

Sara oh. my. god. LOVE! i cried. still crying. i love you and i love that sweet boy and i love the miracle that pregnancy is! xo

april thanks everybody!

@patty: congratulations on your pregnancy! we still do photos every week to see how wes is growing, so it’s never too late to start weekly photos! have fun :)

Patty This is adorable! I am 28 weeks pregnant and due in April – totally wishing I had done something like this. Guess it’s not too late to start right?! :P Congrats on your new “fun size” human being – I think he’s going to have a lot of fun with you guys!


I can’t believe I didn’t share our jack-o-lanterns yet! We had so much fun making these for Halloween, but I guess I just never got around to posting the pictures. Mine’s the polka dot pumpkin, and Eric made Jack Skellington.

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cool november morning

It’s 7:35am now, but I’ve already been up for a few hours. I read a little. Then I did some work from bed, still all cozy under the blankets with my laptop. I love getting things done while the world is quiet and peaceful; it’s more relaxing that way. Just a moment ago I looked […]

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painting it white

Over the summer, we painted every room in our new house except the bathroom. Well, this weekend that all changed! Soon the walls will be white (instead of pale blue — it was just too much blue for me, with the blue tiling). It’ll take two coats, but it’s already brighter. Yay for little home […]

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our rose

Eric’s been taking great care of our roses! This one’s blooming for the second time now. He took this photo last weekend.

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ginny c Wow…. the I Am Pregnant photos were really cool and definitely proof that Wesley wasn’t purchased on the black market. Loved all the other photos too … nice introduction to your home and your quick trips!

backyard at dusk

You know what’s the best? Coming home and spending time in the backyard! At our last apartment, there was small backyard. But our landlord/neighbor was so nosey that we never felt comfortable spending any time back there (plus, it was sorta trashy). But now, we have this glorious backyard all to ourselves. It feels like […]

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pepper grass green

We are painting our kitchen pepper grass green. Here’s an in-progress photo. (By we, I totally mean Eric.) We’re almost done with this color now, and it really looks awesome. Next step: cabinet doors. They’ll be a paler, more yellow-y green. I’m so excited. Yay for colors! After years and years of living in dirty-looking-white […]

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Sara this is the exact color i imagined when you were describing it and it looks great! perfect for a kitchen!

tree trimming

Last weekend our parents visited to check out our progress on the house. My brother was super helpful and he climbed up into this tree and cut off a few crazy branches for us. Now we have some more sunlight in the yard and you don’t have to crouch down to walk by the tree. […]

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