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a vineyard weekend

Over the weekend, we went to the Vineyard with some friends from HBS. It rained Saturday morning, but other than that the weather was perfect. We went on the boat, ate lots of yummy food, lounged in the sun and in the shade, and we even saw a double rainbow (more pictures here)! We didn’t […]

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a spanish adventure (and a beautiful wedding!)

We went on our first family vacation! On June 27th, we took an overnight flight to Madrid for our friends’ wedding. Eric was a groomsman, and we had a blast at the wedding. click here to see all of our pictures from billy & ledia’s wedding and our time in spain Madrid was hot hot […]

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neighborhood snowmen

Since it snowed again yesterday, these photos seemed relevant. I took them after our last snowstorm, while we were out on a family walk exploring our neighborhood. On the left, we have the giant-est snowman I’ve ever seen in person. On the right, a very lean-y one. Today’s the first day of SPRING, so don’t […]

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9 weeks – 41 weeks

I didn’t announce my pregnancy online, so it may have come as a shock when I did announce that I had a baby. But I was really and truly pregnant for 40 weeks and 3-ish days. Here’s the proof. We took photos every Sunday, starting at 9 weeks. That was also our first weekend in […]

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Lara Gonzalez Oh my goodness thanks for sharing – this is so sweet, beautiful, awesome, creative, fun and joyful. This trio is unstoppable woohoo!! LOVE YOU XO

Kristen Love love love!! You look adorable of course. Maybe someday I’ll do this with my pregnancy pictures ;). I’m dying to meet that little guy!

alyce kaprow I just LOVE THIS!!!
can’t wait to see you all, cuz

Sara oh. my. god. LOVE! i cried. still crying. i love you and i love that sweet boy and i love the miracle that pregnancy is! xo

april thanks everybody!

@patty: congratulations on your pregnancy! we still do photos every week to see how wes is growing, so it’s never too late to start weekly photos! have fun :)

Patty This is adorable! I am 28 weeks pregnant and due in April – totally wishing I had done something like this. Guess it’s not too late to start right?! :P Congrats on your new “fun size” human being – I think he’s going to have a lot of fun with you guys!


On Tuesday, we had some visitors. It was great to see my friends and introduce them Wesley. Audrey’s 2, and she moves a lot faster and talks a lot louder than anybody else he’s met so far. Wes didn’t really know what to make of it all, as you can tell by the expression on his […]

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Sara Awwwwwww! I love this picture! Audrey is such a ham and Wesley is such a good sport! <3

so, this big thing happened

You may or may not know that I was pregnant for the past 9 months or so. We kept it pretty quiet online, but now that our baby boy has arrived we’re ready to share the news! Wesley Arthur arrived on January 9, 2013 (1 week and 1 day ago), and he’s perfect. We didn’t […]

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Andrea He’s PERFECT!!! I can’t wait to meet him and snuggle his adorable little self!!! :)

thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving is a big deal in my family. Everybody makes an effort to get together, and it ends up being sort of like an annual family reunion. I’m thankful for family.

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a quick trip to mississippi

On the 9th, I flew to Mississippi for my friend’s baby shower. I was way more interested in visiting with her than in taking photos, so I don’t have many to share. I left Boston on a 6am flight. I had to run through the airport because the security line was so long, but I […]

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judy cummings Hi April – I am just seeing these photos of yours for the first time. Bill and I are spending 3 weeks in the sunny room on the top floor of Kristen and Giff’s house. It is not quite so sunny now a days as it was when you were here not so long ago, but the room is toasty warm and very comfortable. We sort of feel as if we are in a tree house with all the windows whereby we can look out into the trees…… Most of the furniture in this room was ours, so we feel especially “at home” up in this treehouse….. Wish we could have come for the shower, but it was too close to our already planned trip to Mississippi. Happy New Year to you and Eric.

as seen from above

When we went to Seattle, we couldn’t resist taking a few pictures from the plane (as usual). Flying gives perspective, doesn’t it?

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ferry ride to bainbridge island

While we were in Seattle, we took a ferry to Bainbridge Island. The ride was nice, but really windy. We had a great view of the city from the back of the boat.

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