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a quick trip to mississippi

On the 9th, I flew to Mississippi for my friend’s baby shower. I was way more interested in visiting with her than in taking photos, so I don’t have many to share. I left Boston on a 6am flight. I had to run through the airport because the security line was so long, but I […]

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judy cummings Hi April – I am just seeing these photos of yours for the first time. Bill and I are spending 3 weeks in the sunny room on the top floor of Kristen and Giff’s house. It is not quite so sunny now a days as it was when you were here not so long ago, but the room is toasty warm and very comfortable. We sort of feel as if we are in a tree house with all the windows whereby we can look out into the trees…… Most of the furniture in this room was ours, so we feel especially “at home” up in this treehouse….. Wish we could have come for the shower, but it was too close to our already planned trip to Mississippi. Happy New Year to you and Eric.

cool november morning

It’s 7:35am now, but I’ve already been up for a few hours. I read a little. Then I did some work from bed, still all cozy under the blankets with my laptop. I love getting things done while the world is quiet and peaceful; it’s more relaxing that way. Just a moment ago I looked […]

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