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tasty treats in seattle

We ate so many delicious things in a very short time. Unfortunately, we only remembered to photograph a few of the treats we enjoyed. Hungry now?

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Sara lol

the seattle great wheel

After Pike Place Market, we road The Seattle Great Wheel. It was on my list of things to do in Seattle, and I was so excited to hope on board. We got a gondola all to ourselves, and we spent about 20 minutes above the city enjoying the view. It was relaxing and beautiful and […]

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Gramma Horty love pictures, especially the 2 of my favorite people.
No time now, but will email about my visit to Seattle. Loved every minute.

quick trip to seattle, wa

Eric and I took a mini-break on the west coast to visit Drew + Sarah in Seattle. We landed Friday around lunchtime, and we spent the afternoon exploring Pike Place Market. We’d never been to Seattle before, so it was exciting to see a new city. (But it was WAY more exciting to see Drew + […]

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We’re took yesterday off from work, and we had some fun. Do you know where we saw these peppers hanging from the ceiling? Feel free to guess in the comments. First person to get it right *might* win something. That something will probably just be glory, but it could be more. So guess away!   […]

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striped spider

We found this guy (or gal?) outside our front door this weekend. It’s really big. I find it fascinating, but also a little creepy. It was moving so quickly and making a pretty large web. Just as long as it stays outside, I’m okay with being neighbors.

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giant pagoda tree

When we were on the Vineyard, we found this giant tree. Below, there are 2 photos side by side. They’re exactly the same, except in the one on the right, I’m circled. Yep, I’m standing in front of that big tree, and you can barely see me! Eric’s mom told us about this tree, and […]

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sunday’s sunrise

On Sunday, I was up with the sun. When we’re on the Vineyard, I’m often up quite early. It’s just too pretty to sleep. Before the world wakes up, there are only waves crashing on the beach. But as the sun gets higher in the sky, the birds start tweeting. After that, boats and cars […]

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b l o g r o l l