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Orange Hearts

For Eric’s birthday salad, I cut the carrots into hearts. I’ll have to do that again; it was so simple!

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Happy Birthday, Eric!

I’ve organized a birthday party for Eric every year since 2008, and last night was the 5th annual get-together. For the happy occasion, I made a really fun cake*. I need to work on my cake writing skills. Writing with frosting is HARD. But even with the messy handwriting, it came out really well! Everybody seemed […]

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Snow, Finally!

I was so happy to wake up this morning to some REAL snow. It’s flurried a little this winter, but nothing that really stuck around. After work today, there was still snow on the ground. YAY! I’m a winter girl, through and through. The blanket of white make me so happy. It’s just so beautiful and […]

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Colleen Great pics, April! I love the second one…the lights reflecting off the snow are very pretty!


Eric’s mom gave us paperwhite bulbs. I finally got around to taking them out of the bag last week, and they’re thriving in our freezing cold dining room. I put four of them in some gravel, but the last one wouldn’t fit in that little terrarium so I just thought I’d see if treating it like an […]

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Shirley Temple

I’m enjoying a shirley temple while I get some work done tonight. I suggest you make your own (or have your husband make one for you): ginger ale a dash of grenadine as many maraschino cherries as you want Enjoy!

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We went on our honeymoon in December, and we took a lot of photos. Here are the highlights! What’s the best vacation you’ve been on?

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April May we did :) thanks!

Kristen As always these pictures are spectacular! It looks like you had a great trip!

April May thanks sara :)

Sara WOW! Gorgeous photos! Looks like an amazing time!

Saturday Silver Dollar Pancakes

For Christmas, Eric’s brother and his girlfriend, Sarah, sent us a beautiful assortment of homemade treats. There was a ton of stuff: rosemary spiced nuts, cranberry orange bread, steak rub, granola, caramel popcorn, and flapjack mix. There may have been more, but we already ate it so I can’t remember! Why didn’t we take a […]

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Roses On A Thursday

Eric brought these home for me today. He just wanted to let me know that he’s proud of all that I’ve been doing. Yep, he’s a keeper. xo P.S. So 2011 happened. Hello 2012!

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