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Halloween 2010: Woodland Creatures

Happy Halloween! Eric and I went to a costume party last night. Eric resurrected his David the Gnome costume, and re-purposed a dress from high school and dressed as a fairy princess. The party was at a restaurant, and dinner was served. It’s pretty interesting eating with wings on. And Eric had to take his beard off. Ha! […]

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gramma I always thought than gnomes were short as were elves, and the fairy princess was tall.
You can't believe anything you read these days.

Head Of The Charles

On Saturday, Eric and I spent some time watching the 46th Head of the Charles Regatta. It was a great day to be outside and there were all sorts of booths set up handing out free snacks! We watched from the Cambridge side of the river, and it was pretty cool how many people turned out […]

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DHS Marching Band

On October 3rd, Max was in the North Adams Fall Foliage parade. It was a perfect day for a parade: sunny and warm! The leaves had even started turning (just barely), which is always a little iffy since it’s so early in the season. Max looked great in his uniform, and even gave me a […]

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gramma What a handsome lad is Max!!!!!

Bouquet From Eric’s Family

A week ago, this beautiful bouquet was delivered to our door with a note welcoming me to the Schwarz family. Pretty sweet, right?  There’s something so uplifting about having fresh flowers in the house. Especially orange and yellow ones. They brighten the whole room. There’s also something super, duper uplifting about getting welcomed into a new family! […]

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little miss spy @ dad – thanks! i know he's looking forward to the beer :)

@ jess thank you, thank you! ♥

Jessica Nichols Congratulations April!!! I am very happy for you! :) :)

Anonymous we don't have a bouquet for eric, but we do have some of the beer he brewed here with us. everyone we tell is thrilled for the two of you.
love dad

2010 Fall Foliage

I had to make another trip out to Western Mass last Thursday. Since Eric had class, I took the good old Peter Pan bus. The drive was actually quite lovely because the trees are so colorful right now. I had a meeting on Friday, and then I spent the rest of the weekend running errands […]

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Ingrid Michaelson At House Of Blues

Last Tuesday (holy cow! that’s already one week ago!), I went to see Ingrid Michaelson at House of Blues. It was my third Ingrid concert, but my first without my sister. It wasn’t quite the same, but still wonderful.  Guggenheim Grotto opened for her, and my friend and I both thought they were great. It’s […]

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He asked. I said yes. Just like that, we became affianced (that’s much more fun to say than engaged)!  Sunday, I accidentally foiled Eric’s proposal plans, because I wasn’t feeling well. Luckily, we both had Monday off and had planned to spend the day together. We spent the afternoon walking around Beacon Hill. We found some good […]

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little miss spy thanks @fresh365! :)

fresh365 What an awesome story! Congrats to you both!!

little miss spy thanks gramma! your engagement ring makes it even more special :)

little miss spy thanks guys!

@sara – yay yay yay!

@michelle – i adore your thumbs up for love picture!

@sp – we are so, so happy! thank you:)

@lisatheisa – thank you, thank you, thank you! thumbs up!

gramma How beautiful, how romantic and how thrilled this gramma is about this wonderful news.

lisatheisa Hip Hip Hooray! What captivating news, congratulations you two. Thanks for sharing the genuine engagement photos, thumbs up for love -:)

sp Congrats to you both! You look so happy.

Love, The Peisches

Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach It's so sweet I can't take it. Especially that you wanted more time alone together, "feeling special." So, so sweet. And the photos! I clicked over to the set and am now crying over my coffee. You are obviously in super love and so, so happy!

And I had to wear my engagement ring on my thumb when Luke proposed, so we had a "thumbs up for love" pic, too!

Congrats congrats congrats!!!

Sara Love the story! Love the photos! Love you both! SO EXCITED!! :)

Mount Greylock

On the 2nd, while we were in North Adams, we drove to the top of Mount Greylock with my sister and brother. It was Eric’s first time to the top, and it was the most gorgeous day for the trip! Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts, and there’s a beautiful view from the […]

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gramma What a beautiful family, have I

Emily heck yes for disney jump!

Farmer’s Market

The dog parade setup was in the same parking lot as the weekly Farmer’s Market, so my mom and I scoped it out and picked up my parents’ CSA.  The colors of fall are so pretty – even in the food! And aren’t those teeny tiny potatoes hilarious? 

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Shark + Bat

Over the weekend, Eric and I went to North Adams to visit my family. On Saturday morning, my mom and I happened upon a large group of dogs in costume. We had no idea it was going on, but we had to stop so I could get a few pictures. It wasn’t easy, since all […]

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