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Yellow + Sunny

More flowers from the photo walk I took yesterday morning. These were just so pretty bathed in sunlight. I’m pretty sure these are Black Eyed Susans. They’re like the nieces and nephews of Sunflowers.

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♥Georgie♥ soooo pretty!


I’ve always been a fan of cosmos. (The flowers, not the drinks.) My mom always had them in the garden on the edge of our yard, and whenever I see them I think of home. More specifically, I think of summer days spent running around with my friends and warm evenings catching lightning bugs. This […]

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Sara SO pretty! Beautiful photos!

Birthday Party From Afar

Most of the time, it’s easy to forget that I live in a city. Our tiny road has several small apartment complexes and the surrounding streets are filled with similar buildings and a good number of multi-family homes. It’s quiet around here, and that’s pretty great. But we don’t have a yard, or even any […]

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Historical Walk In Cambridge

On Wednesday, I went for a walk with some friends. We visited some of the historic landmarks in Cambridge.  We started at Cambridge Common, at the gate you see above. We also checked out a really old cemetery, The Longfellow House (pictured below), and the Cambridge Historical Society. We made a few other stops and saw […]

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Glorious Lilies

It was so perfect outside when I woke up this morning that I grabbed my little camera and set out on a walk around the neighborhood. These lilies were certainly worth the trip. Just wonderful, no? *The latest edition of Lost in Thoughts is up on the ELM blog. I’d love it if you stopped […]

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ROTI777 It's very beautiful flowers :)

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Vintage 1983

I adore my Vintage 1983 tank top. Sara made it for my birthday a few years ago, and I wear all the time. It’s orange, it’s personal, and it’s from one of my favorite people. What’s not to love? I’m wearing my lazing-about-the-house shorts, because it’s pretty warm in my apartment, and these shorts are a necessity for […]

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Sara LOVE IT! I think that is one of my favorite gifts I've ever made/given. Hope you're feeling better soon.

New Suit

Recently, my brother has been growing like crazy. He’s at least 4 inches taller than I am at this point. He’s also got friends who are old enough to drive, which means he can go places sans parents. (Remember that milestone?) Friday night, his friends picked him up to go to a movie, but when […]

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Independence Day Fireworks 2010

As promised, here are some more photos (in the form of a little video) of the fireworks. All of the pictures are from the finale, which was awesome.

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Jamie’s Rabbits

Today you can find me on Jamie’s Rabbits. Jamie asked me to write a guest post for her wonderful blog. It’s all about photography, including some tips and tricks. Thanks Jamie, this was so much fun!

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Pink Nails

I used to hate the way I looked with my nails painted. But then, in the winter of ’08/’09, I discovered navy blue nail polish. I rocked it during the cold months this past winter as well, but when the spring rolled around the nail polish came off. Until yesterday. A bottle of pink quick-dry […]

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b l o g r o l l