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Summer Colours Week: Yellow

Today’s yellow for Poppytalk’s Summer Colours Week. This is my favorite yellow thing I’ve seen so far today. Just a nice, old tin. Have you seen anything yellow today? Are you playing along? If so, leave a link to your blog in the comments so I can check it out! 

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Selena Raow yellow roses!! on my way to work this morning, although it's winter here :)

A Weekend In The Big Apple

I had a fun-filled (and exhausting) weekend in the one and only New York City (slideshow below). I ducked out of work early on Friday to catch a train to a train to a bus to NY. My bus left at 3:30 (my friend, Brooke, was travelling with me) and we arrived outside Penn Station […]

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gramma After the slide show.
Now you know why NYC is my Emerald City.


I took this picture waaaay back in April. When I walk past this gate, I always wonder what’s hidden away up those stairs.  In my imagination it’s something magical. Like a secret garden or fabulous playground.  I’m taking off early today for what promises to be a super fun weekend. I’ll tell you all about it […]

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Pink Orchids

Do you like orchids? I do! They’re sort of mysterious, and there are sooo many varieties; it’s fascinating. I learned about them (though I’ve forgotten most of it) when I read The Orchid Thief several years ago. I got this three-stemmed bouquet at Areej + Uzair’s wedding (second night). They were on the cocktail tables, and they […]

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Areej + Uzair’s Three-Day Wedding Extravaganza

Where to begin, where to begin? This is going to be a long one, but I have so much to tell! On June 11, I attended my first dance practice for this event. Yes, I said dance practice. I was terrified and felt ridiculously uncoordinated, but I persevered (and had some wonderfully patient teachers to […]

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gramma What a glorious celebration. The beautiful couple (the prince and the princess), the exotic and colorful setting filled with joyful people seemed magical.
For Areej & Uzair, may the magic last the rest of their lives.

little miss spy thanks nahdia! :)

Nahdia Love these pics! April, you were awesome on the dance floor. Thanks for all your help with the wedding!!!

P.S. You and Eric make such a cute couple!

little miss spy you would have been in picture heaven. i barely took any pictures on saturday because i was dancing too much :) i'm a dancing a machine. lol

Sara So colorful! Really beautiful! I would have loved to have been there with my camera.

Surprise Balls

My brother’s birthday was May 31, and my sister’s is tomorrow. A few days before Max’s birthday I learned about Gina Namkung’s surprise balls on Poppytalk. Inside layer upon layer of crepe paper there are little prizes and trinkets that fall out as you unravel the ball. They’re so amazing! My absolute favorite thing about […]

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gramma April, enterprising and patient to create a wonderful gift.
I'm so happy you are you.

At The Flower Shop

On Saturday I went to a few florists with my friend, because I’m helping with the floral arrangements at her wedding reception on Friday. One shop we visited had the most beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, the owner was rude and less than helpful. We ended up getting everything we needed elsewhere, and it was a much […]

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gramma Crabby shopkeeper of a flower shop? I'm surprised her flowers don't wither and die.

Photowalk In The South End

On Sunday while I walked to the brunch place to meet my friends, I took a few pictures. I don’t really spend much time in that part of Boston, and I liked the change of scenery. I’ve always liked looking at my surroundings. When I have a camera with me, it makes it possible to […]

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A Lovely Entryway

Most days, I take a 2 or 3 mile walk after work. I really need it after sitting at a computer for 8 hours. I have a few different routes, but I usually pass by this house at least once. The gated fence and trellis are just too sweet! It looks like it leads to […]

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gramma It reminds me of the book, "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett, which I had read ever so long ago.

Brunch In The South End

You guys, I had a busy, busy weekend! As you know, I spent Saturday at a wedding. And Sunday I went to the South End to meet my friend, Justin, and his girlfriend. They were in town for the weekend, visiting from NYC. I’ve known Justin since elementary school, but I haven’t seen him since […]

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Trista next time, I need in on this date :( soon, i know i say that and I am Always busy but for real..

little miss spy Well next time I'll just have to take hundreds :)

jmdickinson Great photo, and it was great to see you! You could've taken more pictures, we have a lot of photographer friends so we're used to having shots taken while we eat.

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