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Aidan Sitting On The Couch

Last night we went to our friends’ house to watch this week’s episode of Glee (DVR is awesome). Added bonus: our hosts have two beautiful dogs (plus two cats and two rabbits). They’re not easy to photograph, but I did get a few shots of Aidan. He’s a tall dog, and sometimes he sits on […]

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♥Georgie♥ I ♥ Glee too…and I ♥ that doggers Aiden…he is adorable

little miss spy I know! He's just too funny.

gramma It is a funny picture. Looks like he is waiting for someone to serve tea.


Just look at that face! Ellie belongs to our friends, and it’s always such a treat to see her (and them, of course!). I miss having a dog in my everyday life, so I really enjoy spending time with with other peoples’ pets. I took the top picture earlier this month.

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On Campus

On Friday I spent the day at HBS, and it was awesome. In the morning I drove to school with Eric and I participated in a panel for incoming partners (accepted students’ significant others). Five of us talked about our different experiences job hunting, offered advice, and talked about the amazing resources HBS has to […]

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gramma Wonderful shot,texture and perspective and I wish I could walk through the arch and down the path.

Spring Smells So Wonderful

Last week I saw the first lilacs starting to bloom around our neighborhood. I can’t pass by one of these bushes without stopping to enjoy their delicious scent. It’s nice, you know, stopping to smell the flowers. It’s easy to rush through the day going from one activity to the next, but it’s important to […]

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Spring Blossoms In Newport

On Saturday morning Eric and I went to a cute little diner caller Corner Cafe in downtown Newport. A hotel employee suggested we go there, and we really enjoyed the food. It was a short, but beautiful (and chilly) walk. We passed this house, and I just had to take a picture. Look at the […]

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Newport Ball

Friday was the Newport Ball, the second HBS formal we’ve attended. Eric got all suited up in his tux, and I wore a black satin cocktail dress. Dressing up is so much fun. There were good things and bad things about the ball, so I’ve made two lists: Cons: I was freezing for hours. It […]

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gramma Love the photos, espcially those of you and Eric. Looks like an exciting weekend.

dad hello beautiful

you and eric look great, and it sounds like a wonderful time was had…

love the newport photos…

love dad

HBS Chapel

Last night we went to the HBS Chapel for an awesome a capella concert. Two of Eric’s classmates are in the all-male group called Heard on the Street (HOTS), and they were amazing. Like now-I-want-autographs good. The Harvard Opportunes (the undergrad mixed a capella group) opened the show, and they were fantastic. Next, HBS’ all-female […]

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When I have a bouquet I want it to last as loooooooong as possible. Some flowers die more quickly than others, and I don’t want them to make everybody else look sad. As time passes I deconstruct it to make new, fresh arrangements. I’m sure many of you do this, too. I think it’s pretty […]

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Opening A Gift

I got a birthday package from my Aunt Lisa + Uncle Joe, and it was so beautifully packaged that I took pictures as I opened it up. It started with newspaper packaging, which was cool because they used the wedding announcements and drew little speech bubbles above the newlyweds to make it look like all […]

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5 Kids With Disabilities Happy Birthday! What a great way to receive a cute gift!
Lindsey Petersen

Emily lisa and joe ALWAYS give the best gifts!!

little miss spy I know! It's so pretty! I love my necklace collection – it just keeps getting better and better. ♥

Sara That is so pretty! If I hadn't just bought Anisa's graduation present this morning, I might have bought her that!

Spring Blossoms

How about some color for this cloudy day? I took these on Wednesday, when it was almost 90°F here! Now that it’s back to normal spring temperatures, it’s feeling a little chilly. And today the clouds are keeping the sun away. Looks like it’s supposed to come back tomorrow though! Enjoy your weekend!

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