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The Future Of Menus?

On Friday night we joined some friends for dinner at Da Vinici Ristorante (yay for restaurant week!). The food was excellent, and the company was even better. Our waiter was a pill, but all of the other staff seemed great (after our meal the chef came out to ask us how everything was; I felt […]

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gramma I have been in restaurants where it was so dark that I used the little candle on the table to read the menu and once in an Indian restaurant used the small flash for reading theater programs.
Lighted menus are an improvement.
If the food is delicious, all is forgiven

little miss spy well i was going to say that he was a jerk, but thought that pill sounded nicer. lol. i miss dodi!

Sara The waiter was "a pill"?? Sounds like something Dodi would say! LOL

Open 3/30/10

I’m 27 today, and I don’t feel old at all. In fact, I feel young and amazed that people consider me a grown up. When I was little it was always a little disappointing that I didn’t feel different, but now I’m used to it. I suppose it would be sort of shocking to wake […]

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dad happy birthday beautiful. you are magnificent!

it is utterly amazing that you are now the same as mom when she gave birth to you. like wow.

love dad

Quidditch In The Park

Yesterday Eric and I spent some time downtown. The weather was beautiful, so we walked around quite a bit. As we passed through The Common, Eric spotted a Quidditch game. A. Quidditch. Game. What great fortune! In case you’re living under a rock, Quidditch is a made-up game from the Harry Potter series that’s played […]

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Sara Are you serious?!?! UNBELIEVABLE!

Spring Break {Part 2}

Saturday we went for a short hike in the woods. The great thing about hikes on the Vineyard is that the goal is always a beautiful beach. As we approached the sand we saw a few rock sculptures. This one really seemed to defy gravity. After spending some time exploring the water’s edge, we continued […]

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Spring Break {Part 1}

Last week was Eric’s spring break. It was great having him home for the first part of the week, and I took some time off for the second half so I could have a mini-break, too. Our HBS friends, Brooke + Mike, picked us up on Thursday in the early afternoon, and the four of […]

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Sara That 4th photo is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! LOVE IT!

Jamie I adore lighthouses… These pics are great!

Brooke I have a FANTASTIC photo of you and Eric. Don't let me forget to get it to you!

BrightEyedCutie Beautiful photos! There is NOTHING like your first Vineyard experience!
I miss the Vineyard with you guys ;o)

p.s. I'm glad you had a speedy recovery from your dehydration… the nausea/headache from that can be torture!

Crimson Afternoon

Inspired by the fun I had during Poppytalk’s Spring Coulor Week, we went on our walk yesterday in search of crimson (Eric’s choice). We saw a bunch of people wearing bright red shirts and scarves and jewelry. We saw a crimson skirt hanging on a rack of clothing that was outside for a sidewalk sale. […]

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Yesterday was the first day since we changed the clocks ahead that it wasn’t pouring. Not only did the rain hold off, the sun was high and the sky was blue, blue, blue! I guess these little guys decided the weather was good enough to make a showing. Um, hello spring! I took this picture […]

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St Patrick’s Day Celebration In Newport, RI

Saturday, Eric and I made our way (in a downpour) to Newport, RI. Our friends invited us to watch a St Patrick’s Day parade and hang out for the day. The rain was coming down harder the closer we got, so we weren’t sure if they’d even have the parade. But it was a rain […]

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Sara I so <3 Newport! These pictures make me smile :)

Robin’s Egg Blue

I submitted these two photos for last day of Poppytalk’s Spring Colour Week. As you probably know, I’ve got little cranes (and some bigger ones) floating around all over our apartment. I fold them whenever I have a scrap of paper around. It’s nice to make something pretty out of what would otherwise be considered […]

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Pretty Purple

Today, Spring Colour Week is celebrating purple. In anticipation, I took these photos around dusk yesterday while we were out for a walk. It’s been fun looking for specific colors in my daily life. Why don’t you try to find some purple today? Tomorrow’s robin’s egg blue, so have fun finding that too! *Today’s Lost […]

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Sam Diamond Nice shots

Jessica Nichols I am so jealous you found a purple garage door while out walking. I drove and walked and all I found were some flowers.

gramma Purple garage door? As rare as a purple cow. Can't imagine the color of the house.

b l o g r o l l