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Dinner Time

It was absolutely gorgeous on Sunday, so Eric and I took a loooong walk in the afternoon. We spotted this squirrel grabbing some dinner in the park. It’s official, I have a thing for squirrels. They’re so darn cute! ★ Check out the Everything Little Miss blog to see the birthday cards I made for […]

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gramma A squirrel bit me once, so I have mixed feelings about them.

Cup Of Tea

Now that spring is getting closer, the sun streams in our living room window and floods our couch with light in the early afternoon. I like to sit in the warm, bright, cozy spots while I eat my lunch. I’m lucky enough to work at home, so I get to do this on a daily […]

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After The Snow

Tuesday it snowed and snowed and everything felt very quiet and sleepy. Yesterday afternoon I walked to Brookline and enjoyed a world of white on white. All of the trees and lawns were covered in snow and the sky looked like a blank sheet of paper. During my walk tiny chunks of ice and globs […]

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♥Georgie♥ That photo is incredible and today my youngest child is making me smile…

Valentine’s Day Package

My parents sent me a great Valentine’s Day package this year! My favorite part was that they each wrote a a sweet valentine on cutout hearts. My mom included some treats and homemade cookies, which have already been devoured. These cute (and super soft!) teddy bears were also in the box. Thanks Mom + Dad! […]

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gramma love you, love your mom and dad and love those little bears

little miss spy even more adorable in real life :)

♥Georgie♥ those are the cutest most cuddliest softest looking bears ever!!! how sweet!

My First Stromboli

On Sunday Sara made stromboli with pepperoni and cheese. It smelled so good that I had some, even though I don’t eat pork (I gave Eric my perpperoni). Um, YUM! I was inspired to try to make it myself last night. I added red sauce and used shredded chicken instead of pepperoni. It was okay. […]

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little miss spy i did a really thin layer because i was worried it would be either messy or soggy (or both! ahhhh!), but the thin layer was fine. i did seal the edges, but some sauce and cheese leaked out at a weak point. not too much though. definitely could have used more flavor though. next time :)

oh yeah, i did end up dipping mine in sauce just to add some more flavor, but it wasn't that great of an improvement.

Sara How'd it work with the sauce inside? It seems like it would be messy. We always just dunk in sauce after it's cooked.

Longer Days

This afternoon I looked out the window and I couldn’t believe how light it was outside! At 4:30, it was really and truly bright out. It was such a nice little discovery. I’m one of those people who enjoys winter, but the short days are hard. I look forward to longer days just as much […]

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Super Bowl XLIV

The Super Bowl is my favorite football game of the year, because it means the season is over. Sara and her husband invited us to watch at their apartment. Sara cooked up a delicious feast for us (she wrote about it here)! Before the kickoff, we had a few competitive games of wii bowling and […]

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little miss spy lol. it was so great to see you :)

Sara That second pic is perfect! Had so much fun catching up and laughing with you! :)

Chinese Checkers

I really like to play games. A lot. When I was little I’d spend hours (days, sometimes) playing Monopoly with the kids on my street. We’d carry the board from one room to another and sometimes even from house to house. In 4th grade I was killer at Uno. In college I learned to play […]

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Brooke Game night!!!!

Sara I really love this photo!

b l o g r o l l