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Chocolate Bar

Yesterday we went to the Chocolate Bar at the Langham Hotel. We got tickets at a discount through the HBS Partners’ Club. We’ve been there before, so we knew what to expect and expertly paced ourselves. It’s really decadent and indulgent and fun. My strategy was to eat as much fruit and non-chocolate as possible. […]

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gramma You had a much more delicious weekend than I did

Lots Of Hearts

My computer troubles aren’t over, but instead of letting it get to me I worked on a project. While I was uninstalling and reinstalling and downloading tons of things, I cut out tiny hearts. Lots and lots of tiny hearts. After gluing them onto some paper, I framed them. Now I just need to figure […]

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Jessica Nichols The framed hearts + your positive attitude was great enough but the sweet comments from your family are over the top! What a darling project. Love the bigger pics.

beebabz i heart the hearts

gramma Amongst all those lovely hearts I know one must be mine because you've taken my heart from day one.

little miss spy if i have time, i'll make one for you before the next time i come home :)

docmay hello beautiful

i love the hearts. next time you have a computer problem (hopefully, never again)…if you have the time make, and frame, me a set of hearts..they would make be happy as well.

i love your take on life.

Nice Outfit

We saw this guy at the bar during Eric’s birthday party on Saturday. I snapped the picture with my blackberry, because I just couldn’t let this outfit go undocumented. Let’s consider what he’s wearing: bandana headband t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off kilt Yeah, that makes sense. Thanks, dude, for making the night a little […]

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/m Maybe an early Robbie Burns Day celebrator?

Ok, that could explain the kilt, but the sleevless GnR shirt and bandana… you got me.

Eric’s Birthday Cake

Saturday was Eric’s birthday, so I made a cake for him. We decided on a brownie mosaic cheesecake; there were 4 parts to it. First I made the brownies (I used this recipe), then the crust (Eric crushed the teddy grahams), then the cheesecake filling, and lastly the ganache topping. We don’t have an electric […]

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beebabz i think that is the cutest cooking pic since gramma stirring the soup, thanks for the photo (and happy bday to eric)!

little miss spy a ganache is like a chocolate icing or glaze. it's sort of thick (mine didn't have enough time to cool properly so it's runny/melty) and sometimes it's used a filling. it's often used in chocolate cakes.

docmay what's a ganache?
love the mixing photo..excellent baking ergonomics! who knew?

♥Georgie♥ Happy BDay to Eric…looks like lotsa fun and that looks delish!!!!

little miss spy I had a really time mixing the cream cheese and needed as much leverage as possible. :)

gramma Incidentally, Happy Birthday to Ericc

gramma First of all I love the picture. You look as if you were about to climb into the bowl. What derring do to attempt so complicated a
cake. I would would have quit with the brownies.
But a cake with ganache is a cake with panache.

Journal Of Drawings

Recently, I’ve been really inspired by Melissa Morris’s 160 Pages (I actually wrote about it on the Everything Little Miss blog yesterday). I even started my own little journal of drawings for 2010. They’re just quick sketches and short comments, but I like how it’s going. I started on the 14th, and I’ve already done […]

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Glass Elephant

Before I moved to Boston, my Gramma gave me this glass elephant for luck. I think it’s been working so far. I keep it on my dresser, right beside the bed. I look at it every morning while I get dressed. Don’t forget to check out today’s Lost in Thoughts, if you have a moment.

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Just Hangin’ Around

On Sunday we went to the Museum of Science. I love that place; the exhibit explanations are informative and most are interactive in some way. Plus, there are kids everywhere (and they’re hilarious). It’s a fun way to spend a Sunday. We went to check out the Harry Potter exhibit, but of course we spent […]

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little miss spy yeah, one never does know. we flew by the big ones with scenes and i didn't look.

dad be on the lookout for dioramas…one never knows.

Golden Necklace

Eric bought me a beautiful necklace for Hanukkah/Christmas. There are 100 little golden beads spaced out along the chain, and each one represents a wish. That’s good, because I love making wishes. My first wish? I’m so not telling! (If you tell, they never come true. Don’t you know that?) Happy Friday + happy weekend. […]

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gramma What a lovely gift. I have a hundred wishes for you. Each one is "may all your wishes come true"

Back In November

I took this photo waaaaaay back in mid-November. It was a really beautiful fall day, so Eric and I decided to take a walk around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir in Brookline. I wonder what the reservoir looks like on cold day like today. I haven’t been by it in a long time; it’s probably iced […]

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Orange + Gold + Purple

While I was home for the holidays I got to visit my friend and mentor, Viola. Not only did she cook a delicious dinner for my mom and me, she also gave me me a beautiful gift. Would you just look at this notebook? It’s handmade, and I believe the paper (for the pages and […]

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gramma What a lovely unique gift. The thoughts, ideas, and impressions which you write in this book will enhance its' worth.

b l o g r o l l