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Audrey Ann-Marie

Right about now, you should be so jealous of us. We just had the pleasure of meeting Sara + Marcel’s new daughter, Audrey! She was born yesterday at 5:30pm, and good grief is she darling. Sara + Marcel are parents (something I can’t even imagine), and they look amazed and happy and wonderful. We’re so […]

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gramma New baby, new year–joy and peace to all

Sara LOVE that picture! Thanks for coming to visit. :) Audrey told me when you left how much she loves you already ;)

BMay woo hoo- too cute! congrats to sara & marcel!

Kristen Awwww SO JEALOUS you got to meet her. She is so precious. I can't wait to meet her too :)

Decked Out

Last night, my dad and my brother and I went for a walk so I could take pictures of the most festive house in the neighborhood. These folks decorate every year, and each year there’s a little more. I’m glad some people get so into decorating for the holidays. It’s fun for everybody. 

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Z, Christmas Day 2010

Look who’s excited for Christmas! Mr. Z’s tail has been wagging all day; I’ve been giving him extra attention. I love spending time with the dog. Merry Christmas to me! And you, and you, and you!  Happy holidays! ★

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Rachel On Thanksgiving

My family has a bit of an untraditional Thanksgiving celebration, and it’s an event we look forward to all year long. I think there are usually about 30 people at dinner, and many seated around the table are ridiculously talented.  After dinner, we move tables and chairs out of the way and the performances begin. […]

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Down By The Water

Oh gosh! This is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. A lot’s been happening around here, lately! I started a new job the week of Thanksgiving, and I no longer work from home. I now commute over an hour each way and I work 9-5. I’m loving my new job, and I’m busy every […]

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gramma Interesting shot-the dark figure, the dark shore and the shimmering silvery gray water.

The Girl’s Got Style

I spotted this little girl in Harvard Square last week. I love a great coat with a hood! Do they make that jacket in my size? I’ll take one please. And maybe a hair bow, as well. 

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Looking Backward

Sometimes it’s worth it to look backward. To stop and enjoy the full 360° view.  I took this picture on our drive home from New Jersey the Sunday before last. The sunset was stunning. 

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Look At Those Ears

On Saturday we parked the car and I looked out the window only to be surprised by this hilarious little dog in the neighboring car. First he was all smiles. When I got out of the car, he bared his teeth. Then he smiled again. Then he closed his mouth. Then more teeth followed by […]

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♥Georgie♥ awwww what a face!

Max + My Dad

I’m starting to think about Thanksgiving. I’m really looking forward to seeing my family, and I’ve been thinking about them a lot! This is a pretty good family picture, don’t ya think?  I took this picture on October 2. 

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docmay hello beautiful

can you print and mail me a copy of that photo??? or some such thing.

gramma a handsome pair

Stefanie + Chris’s Wedding

Yep, we just returned from another wonderful wedding. You guys, it was beautiful. Stefanie was stunning, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. And Chris never looked happier. I’m tearing up just thinking about the way they looked at each other; seriously, it was awesome.  The wedding was in New Jersey, and the ceremony […]

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