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Lights On The Tree

Eric’s family has a beautiful Christmas tree in their family room. It was also super exciting to find a bunch of gifts for me under the tree! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. I’m looking forward to New Year’s Eve! Where will you be celebrating?

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little miss spy a bokeh is a cover you put over a camera lens. it almost completely covers the lens except for a small cutout. the cutout makes the lights in the photo into a shape (in this case, a heart).

docmay i love your blog photos…they're great.

what is a bokeh?


little miss spy Thanks Jamie!

Jamie Your bokeh is divine.

Driving Into A Cloud

On Saturday afternoon, after spending a week at home, it was time to say good-bye. My mom drove me over the Mohawk Trail on our way to meet up with Eric. We were in clouds and surrounded by a dusting of snow as we drove over the mountain, and it felt like magic. The trees […]

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2009 Holiday Forest

I like my pictures of our holiday forest this year. (See last year here.) I used a tripod and everything! I also got the daytime look and the nighttime look. We don’t really have any Christmas Eve day traditions, do you? I’m just happy to spend time with my family. It’s the best. Merry Christmas […]

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docmay hello beautiful

i am glad i had time to spend with you all before i left for LA…

that time b/t xmas-new years is really the only time i can take that long of a vacation..i have been threatening to do it for years…now, i am sure it will be a routine.

gramma unique, creative, artful-in itself
a joy to behold.

Teeny Tiny Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday I made the most adorable little gingerbread houses. But these are not your ordinary houses, these little guys sit on the edge of your mug of hot chocolate, just to make it super special. My mom found the tutorial over at Not Martha, and she wanted to give them as gifts. Since my mom […]

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docmay i love that you have mom's creativity, motivation and drive to pull off such cool projects.

great going!

gramma Oh, what delicious morsels these be. Would that I could have one.

Sara They're adorable!

December Blizzard

The blizzard started late Saturday night. The snow was really coming down, and by noon on Sunday there was at least a foot. ♥ Eric braved the storm so that I could come home for the holiday week — he drives me halfway and then my parents (this time it was my sister) meet me […]

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gramma Blow snow,blow snow, go away snow.
Too often it outstays its welcome.
'an old lady's take on snow'

Jamie I don't know how I feel about the fact that you take better pictures from a moving car than I take with a tripod and a lighting rig.

And prayers.

1 Semester Down

Today Eric took his last final of his first semester. Can you believe he only has 3 semesters to go until he’s got an MBA from Harvard Business School (HBS)? It may be cliche, but it’s true: time flies when you’re having fun! Dear Eric,I’m so proud of you.xoxo,April

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7th Night Of Hanukkah

I’ve always liked lighting the menorah for Hanukkah. There’s this picture of me as a little kid just looking at the candles in awe. I still feel that way. There’s something magical about them. When I was little I would sometimes get upset about getting smaller gifts than my friends or I’d be jealous of […]

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Sara "Now I'm grateful for the life I'm living, the things I have, and the people who love me. I don't really want anything else…"


Sunday In The South End

On Sunday afternoon we went to the South End to check out the SoWa Holiday Market. It was really crowded, but I did manage to pick up a gift for my sister. We also spent some time exploring the area. One of the highlights of the afternoon was the 15 or so minutes we spent […]

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Waking Up In Newport, RI

Friday night we went to Newport, RI to visit friends from college. It was great! They cooked a delicious meal for us, we lit the menorah for the first night of Hanukkah, and we talked and laughed late into the night. We brought pajamas and pillows and camped out on the surprisingly comfortable fold-out couch. […]

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Sara I <3 Newport!! Your 2nd photo is beautiful!

Black & White Keys

Thanksgiving was a while ago now, but I haven’t shared any photos. That’s because I didn’t really take many. I was sick, and picking up the camera, telling people to smile, and focusing seemed like a lot of work. So I didn’t really bother. I did take a few photos at my Aunt & Uncle’s […]

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