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Little Devil

I’m getting excited! Halloween is just around the corner. Somebody give me a bag full of candy! Speaking of Halloween, when I was in North Adams, my mom and I found a doggy devil costume at Good Will for like $3. You know we couldn’t resist! As soon as we got home I squeezed Z […]

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gramma All dressed up and no place to go

docmay the little devil has been taking walks, at night, with me without a leash…without running away!!! woooo hooo!

A Miniature

When I was little, I was dragged to visited The Clark Art in Williamstown more times than I can count. While I didn’t always enjoy the museum, I did love the sculpture of the ballerina – Degas’ Little Dancer – that sits in the center of one of the galleries; seeing it was always the […]

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A Fall Weekend

Hello! I hope you all had a great weekend. Saturday, I folded 140 cranes to make two mobiles to sell in my Etsy shop (they’ll be available later this week). We also went to see Where the Wild Things Are (oh my god, it was amazing) with friends. As we were leaving the theater we […]

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Sara so pretty. i love fall

Just For Laughs

When I was home visiting my parents and my brother, we found some weird glasses. I can’t quite remember where they came from, but I think they’d been in the lost and found pile at my dad’s office for a long time. We took them home and Max put them on. He looked hilarious. This […]

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gramma Funny. Is that a wig? Fortunately, I know for a fact, that your brother, my grandson is a handsome devil

dad he obviously gets his good looks from his dad.

Emily sagfjaksgdkjagd max looks ridiculous!!! LOVE IT!!!

October Snow

You know that part in The Sound of Music when Liesle says “weeeee” (right after she gets her first kiss)? Yeah, that’s how I felt when I saw actual snow yesterday. I heard rumors of snow earlier in the week, but there was none in my neighborhood. So I was pretty excited yesterday afternoon when […]

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On A Blue Bench

I took this picture a few weeks ago, on Martha’s Vineyard. This spider web was quivering in the wind, like maybe it was cold. But the strands of the web held fast, and it didn’t blow away. I wonder if it’s still there and how long it will last. Enjoy the weekend.

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Working Hard

This week I am a busy little bee. The phone’s been ringing off the hook for my day job, I’ve been designing letterhead for my dad in my spare time, and I’ve been adjusting to life back in Boston (translation: I still haven’t unpacked from my week in North Adams and I’m half living out […]

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gramma Amazing! All that cooking and baking in a very small oven.
Yes, yes, yes-always use butter in cookies. Butter is better..

Good Night

It’s late. I should get to bed. Before I head to slumber land, here’s a picture of a cucumber from my mom’s garden. Sweet dreams (of veggies).

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Away For A Week

I spent last week in North Adams with my parents and brother. I always work from home, so I was able to stick pretty close to my normal routine. Since my parents were working and my brother was at school, I didn’t even miss out on family time. We spent time together after work, and […]

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Fairy Tale Setting

I’ve enjoyed working from my parents’ house this week. I set myself up at the dining room table, right next to the bay window that looks out over the back yard. I love looking out the window and seeing trees (instead of a parking lot or more apartments). It feels extra relaxing. I took this […]

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Sara I swear there's something about that town that's just good for the soul. Just like that hug you gave me.

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