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Apple-Honey Challah

Today I finally made Apple-Honey Challah. I’ve been looking forward to it since mid-August, when I got my September issue of Martha Stewart Living. YUM! The recipe calls for green apples, but since we have so many red ones I just used those. We also only had a glass pie dish, so I used that […]

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gramma I am so impressed. Challah? You take the Cake???? Well, you know what I mean.

Julia That was soo yummy. Thank you again for bringing it to us. :)

Sara you're quite the little baker lately!! that looks so yummy!

On The Roof

I spotted this little guy on the roof of a garage near our apartment on Friday afternoon. I had to run inside to grab the camera. At first he was shy, and he ran away. But I waited him out, and got this cool silhouette when he came back to continue his hunt for acorns. […]

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Yesterday we attended a memorial service for Eric’s grandmother, Mamise (pronounced May-meese, it’s a nickname her sister gave her because she couldn’t say Mary Louise). She lived to be 91, and had a long, full life. I didn’t know her well, but I will certainly remember her fondly. She had a way about her, and […]

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Sara I'm so sorry for your loss Eric. Your words are beautiful and that is such a wonderful way to remember your nana. April, please give Eric a big hug for me.

lisatheisa e, I remember this lovely pic of your Nana that April took this summer, I am so sorry to hear of her passing.
Your words are a beautiful requiem to her, what a cool and inspiring individual to have in your life: I know she'll always be in your hearts.


On The Fence

A little girl hung her sunglasses on this chain link fence and forgot about them before going in. I don’t know why I find this scene so adorable. Something about the perfect late afternoon sun beams. It’s like a last hurrah for summer. She’ll come back and get them someday. Happy weekend!

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Early Autumn Bloom

I saw this on my walk yesterday evening. Such a pretty color, and it ties right in with the color palette from today’s Lost In Thoughts.

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The Screamer

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Yearly Inspection?

Over the weekend, this notice appeared on the door to our building. Yearly inspection? We’ve lived in this apartment for 2 years and 23 days, and this is the first time we’ve ever had an inspection. Must have something to do with that mouse I saw a few weeks ago. We haven’t had a problem […]

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Apple, Cheddar & Thyme Galette

We went apple picking on Saturday. I really enjoy walking trough the orchard and choosing my own fruit. It makes the baking that follows more special somehow. This year I had a new apple recipe to try out. I found it on the beautiful fresh365. I will make it again, but next time I will […]

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dad am

looking forward to your time with us..hopefully we will experience some of your cooking skills and recipes.

gramma Applesauce season is upon us and I made my first batch the other day.
I have been eating all of the luscious summer fruits which are nono for me, but could not resist.
Applesauce is more acceptable and I do love it, too. So bye,bye pineapple, cherries, grapes, melons, I'm back on the wagon.

little miss spy Sara, you should try making it. You're a great baker! :)

Sara OMG that looks amazingly delicious!

This Is What Happens

This is what happens when you don’t have enough flour for the recipe. My Gramma always says that baking is like chemistry and the proportions are crucial. She’s right. I noticed that I didn’t have much flower before I started mixing the ingredients, but I decided to give it a go anyway. It doesn’t look […]

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levhardware I once made cookies and forgot to add the flour entirely. they were…interesting. love the blog as usual abril mayo!!
<3 anna

The Drew On Sunday I made blueberry pancakes. They turned out amazingly. Next time you should measure your ingredients better like I do.

A New Vase

My sister recently went to Alaska. She had a wonderful time and she definitely wants to return at some point. I’m super lucky, because she brought back a beautiful, blue glass vase for me. Today I made some paper flowers, so the vase wouldn’t be so lonesome. I had fun making them, and I was […]

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Sara so pretty! what a sweet gift! :)

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