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A Little Bird

This morning I woke up to the beautiful sound of birds singing, and it put a smile on my face.  In case you can’t tell, this is not a live bird (though I wouldn’t mind getting one). Doesn’t he look curious? I can relate to that. I’m a big asker of questions. I’m always wondering about […]

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gramma Today I spotted a lovely cardinal.
I haven’t seen one in my area for several years. Happy to welcome him back (It was a male:they are bright red. I looked for his mate but she was not around.)

Hot Stuff

Eric spotted this license plate the other day, and I was happy to see the car parked in the same place today because I had my camera. HOT5TUF.  Not much to report today. I spent most of the day cutting out envelope liners and then gluing them into said envelopes. I watched old episodes of Bones on hulu while […]

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Random Tuesday Thoughts

Mornin’. Where to begin? I’m so mad at myself! We were at HBS all day Friday, and I don’t have a single picture. I had a camera. I even took it out and took some photos. After taking about 20 I realized that the memory card was at home. Dang it! What was I thinking? […]

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Kelly fortunately my camera has a feature that will not allow me to take any photos if it doesn’t sense a memory card. otherwise i would do the same thing.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) I sure hope to be that energetic when I’m 80… :)

You absolutely have a point about how they name the pandemics…like Jan said, you’re onto something! :)

Those Cash4Gold commercials have got to be a scam – I’ll bet a lot of gullible people have fallen for it, too… Hubby and I always mock that commercial with the ‘check is in the mail’ syndrome… :)

Great Randomness! :)

Julie@Momspective My problem is that if it’s in a commercial, I believe it. Therefore, I am no longer allowed to watch commercials.

Jaime nice pic. i totally forgot i had my camera over the weekend too – missed some really cute shots of the little guy swimming.

Keely Send me your gold and I’ll mail you a check??? BWahhahhahah!! Do people really fall for that?

Besides, in this economy you’re better off keeping your gold. It’ll be more easily traded in a post-zombie apocalypse society.

Sprite’s Keeper So it wasn’t a good idea to send them all my gold? Oh crap…

GreenJello Wait until the Sheep Sickness comes…

Tiaras and Tantrums good time to become a vegan hugh?

I am Harriet No way!
80 and jogging?
I wanna be her!

Ginny Marie Those commercials HAVE to be a scam!

That elderly lady has a lot more energy than I do!

Jan You know, I think you’re on to something – I would simply be terrified of the Roasted Rosemary Pork Loin with Apricots flu.

Pink Blossoms & Lens Flare

Hello, hello! It’s been a few days, but now it’s back to business as usual.  Thursday afternoon and all day Friday Eric and I were at HBS for the Admitted Students Welcome. We now have a better idea about what to expect in the coming months and years. We also made some friends. Can I […]

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*sara* Love the picture! And as far as the Red Sox go…

…never mind I’ll be nice. :P

The 4 of us should go to a game though! That would be so fun :)

Flowers On A Tree In Blue

This afternoon we went to HBS for day one of the Admitted Students Welcome. In all of the literature, Eric is my “student” (sounds like I’m his mom or something) and I’m his “partner.” However, when we got there all of the name tags looked the same, I got a t-shirt that says HBS class of […]

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Earth Day 2009

Happy Earth Day! I wanted to post about being green, so I took a picture of one of our compact fluorescent light blubs. But that’s not actually green, so I also took a picture of one of our plants too (for a lovely burst of color).  Things aren’t too different around here today, because we […]

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gramma I recycle as you do.
It seems the least I can do.
But I suppose if we all did our part, it would make a difference.
At my age, I could use some recycling myself.

Amanda K Lockrow Happy Earth Day to you too!

*sara* Awesome! So glad that Polaroid app is out for Windows now!! wooohooo :)

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Hey! I’m back for another round of seemingly unrelated thoughts. Last week we had beautiful weather, and many people were sporting shorts for their outdoor exercise expeditions. That’s cool. But I saw this girl wearing shorts with a drawstring, and the string was longer than her shorts! Yikes. The string was touching her leg, and […]

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ArtSnark Great RTT.
Our bandaid selection has a cartoon character hierarchy. My son likes hello kitty for light wounds & race cars for the heavy stuff

~~tonya~~ LOL on the bandaids. My son is exactly like that. We should buy stock in Band-Aid.

LOL at Casey thinking the drawstring is a spider on her leg–I have so dont that. Too funny!

Great Random Thoughts!

Jaime i’m definitely seeing what you are in that picture.

Angel I use bain-aids in that way, I actually went to the store and bought a box for work and then put my name on it. I have some in the car, my room and the bathroom, band-aid’s rock!

I love that commercial I now want to shave in a pool…. although that might be kinda gross I mean all those little hairs in the pool water… huh..

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) Princess Nagger uses bandaids like you do… ;)

I totally would have seen effin’ in EFN – I saw DRK once and immediately thought ‘Dork’. :)

That tree absolutely looks like a leg and foot! :)

Happy Random Tuesday! ;)

Keely That foot looks like the guy on that TLC special…

I used to love my jazzy bandaids. I had ones with little graphics of sushi on them. I guess I should hurt myself more often these days if I want to use them again!

Casey I can’t wear drawstrings that hang down because either:

1. I think there’s a spider and scream like a girl (I am a girl but try not to scream like one)
2. My kids chew on them and I walk around the house dragging children like fish on a line.

I love band aids.

Amy Platon Ok but do you put them all over at the same time like my kids oh and it only applies if they are character bandaids…cause the “like skin” ones don’t count! lol

*sara* I effin’ love your love of band aids! lol And that’s a pretty cool tree! It does look like a foot.

GreenJello That giant has serious athlete’s foot problems.

Tiaras & Tantrums my little one loves band aids like you – she gets a bump – she cries for a band aid!

I am Harriet EFN…hhhmmmm
Makes you wonder

Elle That string would drive me crazy too! The picture does look like a leg with a foot.

Blogging Mama Andrea I love your random thoughts and the picture is great. I too would have jumped straight to effin :)

Stopping by from Keely’s.


I’m feeling sun kissed because we went to a BBQ yesterday afternoon. There was a lot of meat, which Eric enjoyed more than I did. We brought angel food cake, stawberries, and whipped cream to the gathering -YUM! I can’t tell you how nice it was so sit outside for a few hours. Today I look and […]

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~~tonya~~ Great shot!! I am following you know here and on facebook networked blogs.

Three Men At Dusk

Cute old men. It was a sweet scene; they looked like old friends.  So sorry for the gap in postings. I blame my cold/allergies. I will post more this afternoon. Thanks for visiting!

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Caitlin That is a terrific picture! It really captures a moment. It makes me think of that song by Simon and Garfunkel, Old Friends.

Thanks for sharing!! I hope you feel better soon!

♥georgie♥ what a lovely picture!~
Hope your allergies subside soon…it is the season and feel it too

*sara* cute! and thanks for appreciating me on that other blog, i got a little jump in traffic from it!

my allergies are driving me crazy too. miss you!

Our Evening Walk

Most evenings, when the weather’s nice, Eric and I take a walk when he gets home from work. We usually push ourselves and turn it into a bit of a workout. However, this week I’ve had allergies (or a cold, I’m really not sure), and our walks have turned to strolls so I can breathe.  […]

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♥georgie♥ i SO HAVE SPRING FEVER….sounds like a lovely walk…until the cops showed up…did you ever find out what was up?

b l o g r o l l