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Random Tuesday Thoughts

I’m gonna jump right in: Tomorrow Sara and Marcel are coming over for dinner. I’ve been missing her, so I’m really excited! She’s going to pick up the Oxalis Folded Card Set for her GIVEAWAY! If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, head over to her blog and follow the simple instructions! I cannot stand the new Boost Mobile […]

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Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) Those kinds of commercials are so annoying…we have some ‘local’ ones like that here, too…

I totally agree with you on your octo-mom comments… :)

Happy Belated Birthday – LOVE the shoes!! :)

Happy RTT a day late…I’m catching up! ;)

Keely Happy Birthday! As a gift, I’m stealing your shoes.

What? I didn’t say it was a GOOD gift.

Jaime 14 kids. i can’t imagine what insanity that house must be. some days i can’t handle one very active 15 month old!

Angel Happy Birthday! And Adorable Shoes!

Great RT!

Melanie D stopping by from Un moms to check out your blog! Happy Birthday, And your shoes are awesome!!

Helene Happy birthday….those are some pretty rockin shoes!!!

Yeah I don’t get all the hype over Octo-mom. I’m so over her. I literally shudder now when I see her on tv. Last I heard they had just discovered that she had been a topless dancer way back when. Like who freakin cares??!!

Stopping by from RTT…loved this post!

kyooty nice! shoes

gigidiaz Hi! First time visitor here. While I do think there are more important things going on than Octo-Mom (such as Obama’s choices for our car companies etc) I do think it’s kind of a big deal that she had those extra 8 kids. It was a selfish decision on her part and now the quality of care of those 14 children is severely compromised, especially considering that many of them require special attention.

Your shoes super rock! I have a pair that are gold and red. Super crazy looking and so overworn they have holes but I just cant throw them out!

blueviolet Those shoes are sassy! I used to have some fun red sneaks too. I have brown on today. Booooooring.

GreenJello I have awesome green shoes that I really should retire… but I love them so much, I keep wearing the dirty old things.

Ginny Marie Everybody’s writing about the shoes! They are really cute. I bought myself a pink pair of shoes last fall, and I still love them!

♥georgie♥ LMFAO!!!! you are a riot! I LOVE your 80’s retro sneakers Happy Bday…stoppin by from un moms RTT to say hi

*sara* When I read yesterday’s post, I was hoping a picture of the shoes was coming :)

Kelly happy birthday! those shoes are rockin’!!!

Laufa Well, Happy Birthday and those are some cute shoes!!


My wonderful day revolved around food. I woke up to a surpise breakfast of challah French toast, bacon, grapefruit, and orange juice. Then I got my big gift: Eric took the day off work!  Despite the rain, we decided to go on an adventure. We headed downtown and wandered in and  out of stores. We […]

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gramma What a lovely way to spend a birthday

*sara* Glad you had such a nice day!

Emily i want to see the shoes!!!! and I'm so glad you had a marvelous day!! <3

A Portrait Of A Horse

Eric and I went to Harvard yesterday to do luandry, return the crosss country skis to his parents, and change his tires back to summer tires. When we got there his parents were out, so we decided to take advantage of the unbelievably perfect weather and go for a walk. We saw a few horses, […]

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Peppy Orangutan & Origami Sticky Notes

What a wonderful surprise!  My friendly UPS man showed up with 2 packages this afternoon. I was starled to find this peppy orangutan & origami sticky note pad inside the first box. My frist thought was that somebody has screwed up an order I placed the other day. My second was that I’d accidentally opened […]

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Moist Towelette

Okay. When I was little I loved Friendly’s for two reasons.  Ice cream* Moist Towelettes (aka wet naps) A meal at Friendly’s was a rare treat.** The waitress would bring it out with the little wet nap on the side of the plate. I’d eat my meal, savoring the deliciously fried and forbidden food, and eye […]

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little miss spy :) thanks dad

docmay i love this entry…you are a wonderful writer.

*sara* Moist towelette remind me of Friendly’s too! And I totally agree, I loved it as a kid but would never go there now!

gramma I go back a long way. My treats were hot pastrami sandwich on real rye bread, frankfurters with sauerkraut(naturally fermented), and potato salad. Allpurchased at a local delicatessen store. It was savored at home. The mustard was wrapped in a heavily waxed cornucopia.
Still my favorite treat, but difficult to find today.

Little Devils

Look! Little devils! They remind me of the Barrel of Monkeys game.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about right and wrong (devils!). As in, am I making the right decisions or the wrong ones? In an effort to find some answers, I went to a career counselor at The Work Place this morning. I’m so glad I […]

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docmay stay focused on your goals and proceed with confidence!

Random Tuesday Thoughts

A paradox: Some people think I’m much younger than I am (I was mistaken for a 15 year old in September), and other people call me ma’am. Ma’am seems like a title for a more mature woman. I doubt the people calling me ma’am actually think I’m mature, but I suppose they don’t know that […]

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BMay dream job? Artist. Well, gotta go paint now!

ArtSnark mmmm…pizza…Dream job…..Pizza tester…mmmm

Jennifer Dream job? Other than chief pizza idea tester? Maybe working in a test kitchen. I love the science of cooking.

Jonny’s Mommy People often mistake me for being younger…then they aren’t sure and say “ma’m?” as if questioning it. Whatever…I’ll love it if they still aren’t sure when I’m 40.

Cool flower shot. Love the angle!

*Just Jen* I get mistaken for much younger sometimes too! Which is GREAT! And then the teenager at Burger King calls me ma’am and I feel like a granny! lol Happy TT!

Keely I would have guessed Sacrifice, too…guess my brain isn’t with Al Pacino.

If someone calls me “miss” I find it condescending. But that’s just me. I don’t like it when people call me ‘cute’ either.

Or at least I’m sure I wouldn’t, if it ever happened.

little miss spy i haven’t been carded at a movie theater (luckily, since i never bring my ID!).

GreenJello Dream Job = Stay At Home Mom

But that ain’t ever gonna happen. Sigh.

Jaime have you ever been carded at the movie theater? i have. THREE TIMES. nah – i’m not still bitter at all

Julie@Cool Mom Guide I’ve have guessed Sacrifice ;)

I live near an army base and when I worked at the airport hot guys called me ma’am all the time and make me feel like a cougar even though I was only 27 lol.

little miss spy beach all day – that would be lovely :)

i don’t know what’s up with the captcha words. they are outta control! lol

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) Best job in the world sounds like Peggy’s ‘beach nazi’ – that would be sweet to sit on a beach all day long for a job! ;)

I agree with the ‘Ma’am’ vs. ‘Miss’… I get mistaken for being 15 years younger than I actually am, but never for a 15 year old…LOL! ;)

Happy RTT! :)

Peggy Pizza…Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Best job in the world? Got it! Where we vacation, there is a man whose got the best job ever! He sits on the beach and make sure nobody sits in the beach chairs reserved for our complex…we call him the beach nazi…affectionally of course! :)

ps – my captcha word was drfacin…he must be the one prescribing Kelly up there with her cocani.

Kelly it’s now 830 am and i’m craving pizza. thanks! LOL!

btw, i fixed Mr. Linky so come back over to and sign!

ps. why is my captcha word “cocani”? a little too close to an illegal drug, if you ask me! LOL!

Skiing In Maine

View from Sunday River Eric, Brendon, & Leif  We drove up to Sunday River on Friday night with Brendon, Leif, and Alyssa. Saturday was a great day. The sun was out, the air was warm, and we were in Maine to ski, ski, ski! The boys and I hit the mountain around 11:15 and we skied […]

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Anonymous blurry? What are you talking about… the pics are fantastic!!!

Kinda makes me want to ski… I haven’t since I broke my knee doing it – ugh – 6 years ago! I gotta back out there!

:) Andrea

little miss spy it is a bit like riding a bike. at first you’re a little unsure, but as soon as you do something right you’re like “oh yeah! i totally got this!” :)

Emily as always love the photos! but i think my number one favorite is the skis on the car! it’s quirky and fun! I’m so glad you got to ski again….is skiing like riding a bike? like once you know how you never can forget.

*sara* looks beautiful there!

Candle Pin Bowling In Maine

Eric on the left, Brendon on right Eric won 2 of the 3 games Eric and I went to Sunday River in Bethel, Maine with some friends this weekend. We drove up Friday evening after work. On our way, we stopped to go bowling. It was my first time using a small ball, and I got a […]

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A Quick Game Of Foosball

On Saturday, we stopped at a friend’s house before meeting Eric’s family for dinner. We didn’t stay long, but Eric did have time to play a quick foosball game. I always think it looks fun, but I rarely play because I’m really bad. 

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