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My Mobile

I folded about 57 paper cranes today, so I could finish my mobile project.  I’ve been thinking about putting together a mobile for years. I saw a crane mobile in Oh Joy on the 17th, and I was motivated to finally make my own. Now you know why I started making cranes last week.  I woke up this morning […]

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BMay ooooooh! that is beautiful!
bty my verification word is “poxillop”!!!! best one ever…

Anonymous amazing,awesome,gorgeous,etc.

little miss spy thanks :)
it took allllll day

*sara* WOW!!! It’s sooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

Back Of A Necklace

You don’t usually see the back of a necklace, but this one is stunning from every angle. My parents gave it to me this past Christmas, and it’s one of my favorites. As you may know, I love oranges and reds so this beauty is perfect for me. I had it laying on the table […]

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BMay lovely photo-the soft abstracted background, “…or 64” lol!

Collections On The Window Sill

I love these bright boxes. I found them at The Container Store about a year ago, and I had to have them. I love the way they look when the sun shines through our kitchen window. I use these boxes to display some of my collections. I keep fortune cookie fortunes in the green box, […]

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BMay i like the little blue fingers in the corner, and thank baby g you said what was in the boxes or it would be driving me nuts!
i think your sunny kitchen is so pretty-is snowing in a fairy tale way here right now…

Anonymous What an achievement;capturing the rainbow!!!!

Announcement: Etsy Shop Is Open

Need a set of thank you notes? How about a postcard or birthday card? Well you’re in luck, because these are the very first things available in the Everything Little Miss Etsy shop!  Etsy is a great site that makes it possible for people like you and me to sell (or buy) handmade items online. […]

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BMay congratulations! may your cool stuff find its way around the globe!

Sweet Surprise!

This beautifully delicious package arrived just moments ago. Yes, what you see there are heart-shaped rice crispy treats, made lovingly by my wonderful mom. Since taking this picture (appoximately 5 minutes ago) I’ve eaten 4. The Schwarz has had 2. I’m fairly confident they’ll be gone within the hour. As my eloquent brother would say, these […]

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BMay what gramma said!
yer ma

Anonymous Sweets to the sweets

Wrapping Paper

I bought this wrapping paper at Target in December, because it’s not Hanukkah-y or Christmas-y and it’s really interesting. The other day I had this scrap sitting on the table, and when the sunlight hit it I was reminded how much I love this paper. I saved the scraps – it’s that awesome! Added bonus: the black […]

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Snail Mail

I wrote 12 letters today. If you’re in my immediate family or you’re my grandparent, aunt, or uncle, you’ll be getting one! Are you excited yet? I’ll put them in the mail tomorrow.  I made special stationery for this. :)

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Anonymous what can it be, what can it be.
I hope I receive it tomorrow.
I cannot stand the suspense.

lisatheisa I am hopeful & excited!


Feather Boutonniere

I got this purple feather boutonniere at an estate sale a few years ago. For a long time I just kept it in a box, because I didn’t know what else to do with it. But now I keep it on a little shelf over the kitchen sink with a few other pretty things. It […]

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hrmay Oh, you are “feathering” your nest.

Paper Cranes

I made a bunch of paper cranes today. I’m thinking of folding some more and then making a mobile. We’ll see how that goes. I learned how to make cranes in 4th grade. We all gathered around during a cold or rainy recess and started folding away. (We also used to play Uno during recess […]

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Emily as usual incredibly breath taking photography!!

BMay mmm- what a lovely photo, these always make me think of peace

hrmay Awesome and artistically photographed

Business Cards Are In

Oh! I am just about jumping for joy because my new business cards just arrived! See more photos at Everything Little Miss.

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Emily the cards are supreme-o!!! great design miss. i showed everyone in my house your little miss everything website! they ALL loved it!!!

Anonymous Great!! Please send me one to show off.
Good luck

little miss spy will do! :) i’m so excited!

lisatheisa Joy! They are fabulous please send us a few to show off & promo you:) I'm certain gm & gp would love to have some as well,



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