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Maurice Sendak’s Nutshell Library

This little box set is one of my prized posessions. As you can tell, each of these books has been read many times. Maurice Sendak’s illustrations are wonderful, and the tales are captivating.  In 1975, Carol King put these stories to music on the Really Rosie album. As a kid, I fell in love with the musical […]

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A Night At The Garden

Last night we went to see the Celtics at the Garden with some friends. It was a pretty bad day, weather-wise. As we were leaving our apartment, we opened the door to a downpour. We went back in so I could get my umbrella and The Schwarz could get a rain coat. This time we made it out […]

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little miss spy hahahaha. it was gross, but i got over it. :)

Andrea and Lenny Think of it as a free beer shampoo. Good grief is an understatement!

Calendar Girl

Today I received something very special in the mail. This calendar is a gift from one of my very best friends, Kristen! She created it using snapfish, and it’s completely personalized. Each month has different photos and she even put pictures of important people on the dates of their birthdays. Cool, huh? It’s actually my […]

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*sara* that’s so cute! good work kristen! :)

My Journal

I started keeping a personal journal at UMass, because it was a requirement for my college writing class. Once I got into the habit, it wasn’t so hard to write on a daily basis. In fact, I sometimes found myself writing many times a day. My second semester freshman year wasn’t easy, and my journal […]

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Think We Can Swim Across?

Today I decided to play around with Aperture Priority mode on my camera. After explaining how to adjust the aperture to little miss spy’s Dad, I thought that I should experiment with it myself. Little miss spy’s Mom gave me these knights in shining armor, because I worked with arms and armor at The Wallace Collection during my […]

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beebabz love the headline!

little miss spy :) lol

Kerrie Oh, it is a collective effort by The Schwartz and Little Miss Spy…I get it…Wow…even more impressive!

little miss spy Oh thank you Kerrie! This particular post is actually by Eric (I’m trying to get him to post more often), but I do love this blog. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much! You just totally made my day :)

Kerrie Hi Ms. May: I can’t believe how busy you’ve been with this blog. I feel like an intruder reading through it, but I was cleaning out my inbox and I came across a message from you telling me about your new blog…Objects of Communication. I have to say, I love this blog! The creativity, photography and well, little blogs by you are priceless! I should be correcting papers right now but I am too busy being enthralled by your blog!

*sara* hahahahaha LOVE IT!

Two Gifts: One Picture

For my birthday little miss spy gave me this nice reading lamp.  I didn’t have one before, but from now on I will be able to read with an appropriate level of light.  I’m currently reading Lincoln On Leadership, which is a quick read and a Christmas present from my mom.

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Crate & Barrel Water Bottle

I have been coveting these water bottles since I saw them in the Crate & Barrel catalog about 3 weeks ago. They’re glass, but they look like all those plastic one-time-use bottles. So, they’re the perfect size, and I can use them again and again. Cute, huh?

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little miss spy i know! i’m missing you like crazy. at least marcel’s home with you – i’m home alone for like 9 hours everyday. yikes. misssssss you. can’t wait to see you in like 5 days!!!

*sara* those are so cool!!

(and i totally miss you like crazy. i think i’m having withdrawals.)

Happy Birthday To You

Summer 2005 (one of my favorite photos) Winter 2007 23 January 2009 Gift for The Schwarz & the card I made for him Today is The Schwarz’s birthday! He’s 26. We’re going out with a few friends tonight to celebrate.   I spent this morning making that card for him. And now I’m busy cleaning […]

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The Schwarz Thanks everybody!! I had a great day.

little miss spy he had a fun birthday. glad you like the card mom!

BMay hope you saw my b/day wishes @ mayhaps, and wow-from what i can see the card looks amazing! ah to be twenty six…enjoy

Anonymous Better late than never. Happy Birthday Eric
anon: you know who I am.

docmay happy birthday to eric!
i hope you both enjoyed the day.

with love…the maze

LisatheIsa Happy B-Day to The Schwarz! 26 is a good one,



I have an awful headache, and aspirin isn’t helping. Even so, I’m working on a project. I’ve be focusing (and snacking on and off) all afternoon. It’s slow going; I have now idea what I’m doing. If it turns out well, I’ll post the results. 

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Hearts In Snow

When my dad got a new screen door at work, my mom took the old one apart. She used a piece of it to make this beautiful little fence that is now in the garden. You don’t really see screen doors like that anymore. I guess they’ve gone out of style.  It looks pretty in […]

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b l o g r o l l