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Once A Year

Lara, Lisa, Barbara, Janet, & Efren David & Peter I had a wonderful Thanksgiving because of my family. I was fortunate enough to spend time with my mom’s side (the top picture is of my mom, Barbara, and her siblings) and my dad’s side (the bottom picture is of my dad, Peter, with his brother).  Smiles, […]

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BMay ooh la la we had so much fun…i hope our hostess sees this!

little miss spy nooooo. you look great!

docmay yikes…i need a make-over! or photoshop at the the very least.

lisatheisa Right on to your quote “…way better than never.”! ‘Twas a wonderful time because of you and all the fam. I think our collective families are most amazing :)

Happy Travels

Thanksgiving is practically synonymous with travel, and travelling is exhausting (evidence above). It seems like most Americans travel some distance to celebrate the holiday. (If not, they’re usually stuck with the enormous task of preparing the feast!) Why do we do it? To be with family, of course. I spent 7.5 hours on the road on […]

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Smat Ka

Click to enlarge. I took this photo from a cab in Boston on Sunday afternoon as we were headed home from our vacation. I noticed this Smart car (the small red one) because they were popular in London when we were studying abroad in 2003 (it took a long time for them to catch on over here!). […]

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I love this little rocking chair. I saw it on The Vineyard at the end of the summer.  There’s something so adorable about the little yellow chair, the old fashioned screen door, and the deep blue shelf against a white wall. I can imagine somebody walking up to the porch and thinking “I’m home,” after […]

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I’m surprised I even saw this little guy. He just blends in so perfectly with the sand.  I like that the eyes are all googly and crazy. 

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So Alike

If I didn’t know any better, I might say that this was a photo of The Schwarz. But since I took the picture, I know that it’s actually his uncle. In this instance, like so many others, the family resemblance is uncanny. The Schwarz was standing just the same way, not 15 minutes earlier.  There are […]

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Found Shell

We went back to the beach again today. We found this beautiful shell. It used to be somebody’s home, but now it’s cracked and washed up on the beach.  After taking this photo, I threw the shell back into the ocean. 

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Anonymous The former occupant lost his abode because he could not shell out the money for the mortgage.
Alas the economy has sunk to the lower depths.

docmay one of the many shells that was lost to foreclosure, in wake of the collapse of the great oceanic housing bubble of ’08. it’s former occupants, now shell-less, wander the open ocean floor in search of their next meal…
as we all await the tides of change, oceana.


I have been coming to Florida every year for the past five years. Every year I forget one thing: the bugs. And every year, I have pretty bad allergic reactions.  I woke up in the wee hours this morning because I had so many painful, itchy no-see-um bites (I’ll spare you and keep those photos […]

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Anonymous I guess the bugs know a tasty dish when they see one. After one bite they crave more.
Oh, bug off!!!!!

*sara* I know those little pink pills far too well!! You must be sleeping well taking them though. Sorry you’re so itchy!

The Beach

So far, the weather has been beautiful. Chilly, but beautiful. I love walking down to the beach in the morning and hearing the waves. It’s so strange to be able to wade into the water in Novemeber. That’s not something I would try in Boston, but it’s different down here. 

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We went golfing today. Yes, I went golfing; I don’t even know how to play. I guess it would be more accurate to say that I hit a few balls in the practice area and then played the greens while The Schwarz played a full game. I had a lot of fun! I drove the cart […]

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*sara* hahahaha…I LOVE the last photo!! And I’m so jealous that you guys are in short sleeves! It was 19 degrees here this morning. Brrrrrrrrrrr

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