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Frog Princess

I’m a frog princess today – a new take on an old classic. I guess traditionally I’d be a regular princess, but a frog princess is just so darn cute. I am proud to say that I made this costume all by myself! I had a lot of fun sewing all of the pieces together […]

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docmay i love the gnome and the frog princess. costumes, the next generation. the talent lives on!

beebabz ha ha ha!!! you look great! love the goggley eyes…i feel like a tradition has been handed down.(sniffs, wipes tear)
viva la homemade halloween.

little miss spy thanks guys :)

JamesC sooooooooo cute! nicely done :) great tip with the sweatsuit, makes complete sense! have a fun day and enjoy the weekend!

JHill that is totally awesome.


I love it! People really get creative at Halloween. The one in the back looks like it has seen better days, but the two in front are still fresh and silly. Sure, they probably saw this idea in a magzine or online, but they still went ahead and did it. They made the effort and look at […]

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What this black can doesn’t know: that’s a fake crow.  I’m getting so excited for Halloween! I love when people decorate their lawns in ways I haven’t seen before. This crow is so realistic that I wanted to stop and check it out. I couldn’t believe it when the cat came over too! Holy Halloween […]

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*sara* That is some great Halloween luck right there!


It’s aging, rusting, and cracking, but it’s also eye-catching because the color is still vibrant and the numbers are clearly visable from the road. These people want you to know their address. On a dark night you wouldn’t have to squint and strain to try to figure out if you’re at the right house, you […]

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White Picket Fence

Fences are used to keep things out (or in). They are used to mark boundaries and protect property and privacy. While white picket fences seem old fashioned, they continue to be popular.  To me they represent the idea of a happy family, the type you’d see on a sitcom. In reality, anybody can have this […]

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Observant Commuter great shot! i love this photo :)

little miss spy why thank you! :)

lisatheisa love your new perspective on the wpf! nice shot


Isn’t he so handsome? He’s my family’s dog and he lives at home with my parents and my brother. My sister named him Z because he was the last puppy left of the litter. Cute, right?  He’s usually so crazy that photos are just a blur, but this one is actually pretty good. I’ve been missing […]

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Polka Dot Dress

This is the dress I wore to the wedding last weekend. The picture I took was pretty lackluster, so I fooled around with the levels and contrast in Photoshop and I liked the result (the dress is actually closer to teal than this blue).  I chose this dress because it has sleeves and *gasp* pockets! I […]

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The Pink House

On Martha’s Vineyard there’s a sweet collection of houses known as the Gingerbread Cottages. Although I’ve been visiting the Vineyard for several years now, this past summer was the first time I took a tour of this section of Oak Bluffs. The very first time I saw The Pink House I was with The Schwarz‘s […]

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First Dance

I don’t know if they practiced their dance or if they stepped on each other’s feet because I couldn’t take my eyes off of their faces. They smiled all night long.  It was a wonderful start to a happy life together. 

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docmay great photo…like so many of your other photos.


On Saturday, October 18, The Schwarz and I went to a beautiful wedding. Everything was gorgeous, including the boutonnières.  The parents were beaming, the bride and groom had premanent smiles, and the everything seemed effortless. The first dance was romantic and the toasts to the couple were equal parts humor and sentiment.  It was all […]

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