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It must be tedious being left alone to rust. Luckily, a little grease and oil could probably fix this bike and make it usable once again. Just ask the Tin Man, he’ll tell you.  I really wish I could fit this rusty old bike into my apartment. When we have space, I think one of the first things […]

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I took this picture five years ago in Madrid, Spain. Although I thought the man was homeless, this image didn’t make me sad. I was (am) more struck by the loyalty of his dogs, especially the one that’s awake. That dog wass protecting his owner and seemed proud to be at his side. If I […]

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I really love it when animals smile. I always wonder what they’re thinking about. Does a smile mean the same thing to a dog as it does to me? I like to think so! I imagine this guy, Dozer, is truly happy to be in park. Is that drool due to excitement? It’s quite possible. 

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Maybe this guy laughs at the rest of us who take our time matching our socks. (I can’t poke too much fun because when I was little I used to purposely mismatch my socks à la Punky Brewster, my hero.) I really like that he’s sporting these argyle socks with Velcro sneakers and jean shorts. […]

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Kilt? Skirt? What’s The Difference?

I really don’t understand the kilt. If we’re going to be honest with ourselves, it’s just a man’s skirt. (Similarly, there is the man purse or murse.)  Anyway, this guy’s kilt is a true hybrid of a skirt and traditional kilt. When I first saw him it didn’t occur to me that he was wearing a […]

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Backless Shirt

Here’s how not to wear a backless shirt. Who does she think she’s fooling with that flesh-toned bra? I can see it, can’t you? And the answer is no, that is definitely not attractive. I’d rather see a hot pink bra – at least have some flair!  If I have to look at somebody’s naked […]

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Oh, So Red

I pass this cable box every day on my way home from work. I never gave it much thought. But somebody painted it and now it’s all shiny and new; I can’t help but notice.  The little index card noting that the paint is wet sort of made me want to leave a little finger […]

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Not Very Appetizing

We passed these signs in Utah in 2005. My first thought was that taxidermy and dinner don’t go together.  It really looks as if those two sign are for the same establishment.  Luckily the signs are seperate. To be clear, the “NOW OPEN FOR DINNER” banner is attached to a sign for the Arrowhead Country Inn. It was the […]

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beebabz i love this post! one of the great restaurant signs EVAR.

For The Love Of Guitar

This was an amazingly lucky shot. I saw this guy riding his bike while I was on the train, but I didn’t have my camera out. Somehow I was able to snap a shot a few minutes later.  It’s hard to tell what’s so great about this picture, but let me explain. It rained most […]

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