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click image for larger view It’s late August and students are coming back to school. This young guy with his backpack reminds me that soon the train will be even more full. It seems like I’ve always measured years by when school begins and ends.

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Graphic Bag

I think anybody sporting an Andy Warhol design is expressing their love of pop culture, or at least of pop art. This girl’s outfit is pretty funky and Warhol’s design has been combined with a modern color combination. I wonder if she’s trying to make a statement about art or if she just thought it […]

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little miss spy LOL. A soup lover! I never even thought of that. :)

beebabz maybe she really loves soup…

Observant Commuter Before I even read that, I wondered if it was your sister’s bag. It’s cute and definitely something I can imagine her owning.

Birthday Cards

This is my grandmother on her 90th birthday. The picture on the card is my grandmother roughly 50 years ago. Birthday cards can be humorous, serious, thoughtful, and sentimental, but this card, to me, conveys a sense of simple reflection. “The years teach much which the days never knew.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What Do You Hear?

I think this sticker is really interesting. Presumably it’s a bit of marketing for a band, but it really makes me think of the neurologically-based sensation called synesthesia. People who experience this phenomenon can literally “taste, feel and hear color.”

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lisatheisa beebabz-Dad & I read your comment together, tres interestingl! I'm curious to explore you sound/color associations, are they musical? I visualize chords/changes, but perhaps not in an architectural way, that is cool! Thanks little miss spy for your always keen observations. beebabz what up with the secret blog?!? :)

little miss spy I think this sticker made me think of synesthesia because of you. :)

beebabz i love that sticker! I think synesthesia can also mean any switching-for me i’ll notice every once in a while that i associate colors with sounds, and i was fascinated to hear my dad express that for him jazz music was visual, like a kind of architecture…usually these thoughts are under the threshold of awareness though…

Broken Door

Yesterday I was on the red line in a car with a broken door. Sometimes when that happens people get rude and impatient, have no respect for other people, and don’t seem to understand that adaptation is a necessary part of life. Yesterday, perhaps because it wasn’t very crowded, people handled it well and there […]

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Temple On Wheels

Click images for larger views. This person’s bumper sticker really says it all, don’t you think? The owner has turned this truck into something completely unique and, I’m guessing, meaningful. I wish I knew what was behind those doors. Is it truly used as a temple and the inside is set up for prayer? Are […]

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Disappearing Footprints

Somebody walked in wet cement. The city tried to cover their tracks. The city failed; I see where that person walked. It looks like a path that should be followed, but they disappear too soon.

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Wholesome Vanity

I love to look at license plates and see where people come from. When we were on our cross country road trip in 2005, I saw license plates from all 50 states (Hawaii was the last one I spotted and it was so exciting)! Because I’m always looking, I occasionally see some cool vanity plates. […]

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Yard Sale

I took this photo on August 9th, a whole week after the alleged yard sale took place. Why is it that signs like these (yard/tag/garage sale) always stay up long after the event has ended? Is it because the sign is as useless as the things being sold? The owner no longer cares for their […]

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The Park

Click image for larger view. This situation makes me laugh; it really cracks me up! The sign depicts two children playing on a teeter totter (aka, see saw). This is to alert drivers that there is a playground up ahead. As you can see in the photo below, there is no teeter totter in sight […]

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Observant Commuter I’ve wondered where all the see-saws were going…It is really sad the things kids can’t have today because they might get hurt or someone might sue. These kids are so babied that when they make it to the “real world” they are in for a rude awakening!

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