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Three Steeples

I took this photo on December 27, in North Adams. We were stopped at a red light on Eagle Street, and the clouds were rising behind the steeples. 

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*sara* I was wondering if you were standing in the middle of the road to take this! Great shot from the car, I love it!! Reminds me of one of my favorite wedding photos.

Jack Russell Terriers

When I was home for the holidays, I went to the grocery store with my mom. We parked next to these completely adorable Jack Russell Terriers. They didn’t bark at all; they just looked at us with curious eyes. They’re so sweet! 

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lisatheisa So stoic!
I hope they can get out and have a little fun on New Year’s Eve :)

Peanut Butter Cookies

I made these delicious peanut butter cookies on Saturday. I used my family’s favorite recipe, which we found a long time ago (I think I was in middle school) in the Alpha-Bakery Children’s Cookbook. They’re soooo good! 

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little miss spy The recipe is at home, so I don’t even know it! I remember the book I found it in, but I couldn’t find the recipe online.

Anonymous Is the recipe a family secret?
Come clean.

Peppermint Bark

I made peppermint bark for The Schwarz’s family.  While melting the white chocolate, I had a few problems. Apparently, I’m not the only one! Since it isn’t actually chocolate, it melts very differently than milk chocolate.   I don’t really like chocolate so I didn’t taste it, but it looks really pretty. (The Schwarz says it […]

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*sara* Looks DELICIOUS!

James OMG I love peppermint bark!

Jesus Plastering

I was saving this one for Christmas, and then I totally forgot about it! Oops. Better late than never, right?  I don’t know really what to make of this. Jesus Plastering Corporation. What does it mean? Do they only plaster Jesuses? Is Jesus the name of the owner and they just forgot an apostrophe? And […]

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This seems appropriate for a Christmas Eve post, no? The Nutcracker is a classic Christmas fairy tale; even if you’re not a fan of ballet, the music is beautiful (and instantly recognizable). 

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Holiday Forest

Since we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, we have a holiday forest instead of a standard Christmas tree. It gives us the opportunity to use twinkle lights and pretty ornaments. My mom made the forest by gathering  a few branches from the woods and securing them in a planter filled with plaster. She hides the plaster with […]

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Anonymous Oh, so beautiful.

Second Night

It’s the second night of Hanukkah, and I’m so happy to be celebrating with my family. We didn’t exchange any gifts tonight, and there was nothing sad about it. For me, the excitement was simply in lighting the candles and saying the prayer. 

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Paper Snowflakes

When I was home for Thanksgiving my brother and I made a bunch of paper snowflakes. They look so much better now that there’s snow on the ground. 

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